These Hotels In Italy Offer Free Vacation If You Have SEX In Them!


The quirky campaign is called the ‘Fertility Room’ and has already been backed by 10 hotels in Assisi, Umbria.

Launched on Friday, the project bears the slogan ‘Venite ad Assisi’ which translates to ‘Come to Assisi. Together!’

Ten hotels in the Umbrian birthplace of St Francis have signed up for the initiative, which will either reimburse guests or offer a second trip to couples who can prove conception took place during their stay.

Organisers told The Local: “Giving birth to a child is an act of deep love, which should be encouraged despite the multitude of difficulties in life.”

However, the 'Fertility Room' campaign, the brainchild of a local tourism councillor, has stirred up controversy with authorities who claim its sexual theme is incongruous with the ancient city's historic and religious appeal.

Couples don't have to be married to participate in the scheme, which is causing some controversy in the highly conservative region of Tuscany.

It’s a concept devised by local tourism councillor Eugenio Guarducci, but the campaign hasn’t won everyone over. Some authorities believe its sexual theme taints the historic and religious appeal of the ancient city. 

Local Mayor Stefania Proietti told Assisi Oggi the scheme hasn’t been officially endorsed. Umbria councillor Claudio Ricci is investigating whether the campaign is suitable for the area.

Very difficult to say no to those campaigns though, considering the beauty of the region.

Its top sites include the San Francesco Basilica, his final resting place, and the 13th-century Cathedral of San Rufino. The Franciscan structures of Assisi were collectively designated a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2000.

But isn't there any other reason behind this? Not at all? Just sex? Really?

Well, of course there is. Italy has the lowest birthrate in the EU, and one of the lowest birthrates worldwide.

In 2015, Italy registered the lowest number of births in more than 150 years as the average childbearing age rose to 31.6 years old. Some 700,000 Italians want to have children but can't because of infertility problems.

To remember the conditions once more...

The participating lodgings are Agriturismo Basaletto, Agriturismo Casa Faustina, Agriturismo Le Mandrie di San Paolo, Hotel Cristallo, Dal Moro Assisi Gallery Hotel, Hotel Dei Priori, Hotel Fontebella, Hotel Il Castello, Hotel Windsor Savoia and Villamena.

All have agreed that couples who book a room from now until March 31, 2017 and conceive a baby at their establishments will either be reimbursed the cost of their stay - or offered a second trip on the house.

Of course, they have to be able to prove the magic happened during their stay, which is to say they must produce a birth certificate dating nine months after their original stay.

The organizers will allow a 10-day window for conception.

There are other similar examples as well...

Italy isn't the first destination to try to encourage its population to take holidays to boost the country's falling birth rate.

In June 2016, Denmark was on the verge of a baby boom - nine months after running a campaign urging people to have more sex. A television advert called 'Do it for Mom!' was released last year to encourage Danes to go on holiday in a desperate bid to increase the country's birth rate.

The steamy campaign advert was aimed at older parents and recommended that they contribute to their adult children’s getaways so that they can get a grandchild 'nine months later.' Reports have since emerged that Denmark was expecting an extra 1,200 births as a result, compared to last year.

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