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The Simple Life Of World's Youngest Billionaire Alexandra Andersen!

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Alexandra made the Forbes 2016 Billionaires List by the age of 19!

When her father inherited his share of their company, 19 year old Alexandra received 1.2 Billion Dollars. She is one of the youngest billionaires in the world!

Though Alexandra grew up in a wealthy family, she is not your regular rich girl. She is interested in equestrianism and has many degrees in horseback riding. Her family taught her to be modest and prudent. Her Instagram account is showcasing her modest lifestyle. 

*This list is created through an article published on Businessinsider.

Alexandra Andersen was born in 1997 in Oslo. She still lives there.

Her dad is Johan Andresen. Andresen is the son of businessman Henrik Andersen and Marianne Ebba Therese Bielke.

Alexandra's mother Kristin Andresen is very modest, like all of the other family members. Alexandra inherited her modesty from her mother.

Alexandra has an older sister called Katharina. Since their father assigned his company's 42% to Katharina, she is the second youngest billionaire of the world.

Alexandra and Katharina were always so close.

Alexandra has had an interest in animals since she was a child. She took her ponies to their summer house.

She had pet dogs all the time. This is one of them: Bella.

You can easily tell why these two adore animals.

Alexandra's dogs follow her when she is horseback riding.

Her dad, Johan, sold his own tobacco company for 500 Million Dollars in 2005. 2 years after this event, he assigned the company's 42% to his daughter. Alexandra was 10 years old at that time.

Obviously, the company is still run by Johan. According to Norwegian law, people over 17 years old have to return their taxes. This the reason why their legacy is open to public.

Alexandra has been a professional horse tamer and hurdle race runner since she was a child.

Alexandra won the Norwegian Children Hurdle Running Championship three times. She won The Greatest Success Award in AEG Galla in 2014.

Equestrian supply brand Kingsland is sponsoring Alexandra.

Though the sisters inherited a huge amount of money from the company, their father claimed that his daughters do not have to take part in the management, in an interview in 2015.

It is highly likely that big sister Katharina works in the company because she completed her internship there. She is now studying Social Sciences in University of Amsterdam.

In an interview published on the company web site, Alexandra claims that she is unsure of what the future will bring for her. Nevertheless, she is sure that she wants to do something awesome.

She is grateful that her parents are wealthy as this sport needs too many resources. She adds that money is not enough for her to be successful.

She states that she wants to do equestrian sports all her life, in an interview she gave last year.

Though these sisters grew up in a wealthy environment, they always had pocket money and they used second hand cars.

Aside from her equestrian life, Alexandra lives a simple life. She occasionally shares photos from her holidays.

She attends red carpet events with her friends.

Like her daughter, mother Kristin is interested in equestrianism. These two have a close relationship.

Her boyfriend is a professional MMA fighter, Joachim Tollefsen. He is 24 years old and from Norway.

Alexandra's priority is, no doubt, horses and equestrianism. Her social media accounts are a living proof of that passion of hers.

Applause for Alexandra's modesty and success! Go Alexandra, go on being awesome!

Not like the other insta-famous rich girls, right?

We hope that Alexandra inspires others with her passion and modesty!

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