The Science Of Men: 24 Fun Facts About Being A Man!


Like all humankind, men are weird creatures. Science has a lot to say about this weirdness. Here are 24 things about being a man that you haven't heard before!!!

1. An ordinary man spends around a year of his life looking at other women.

2. 50% of women who are murdered are killed by either their ex husbands or boyfriends.

3. Research shows that men tell around 6 lies daily. This is two times more than women.

4. Using a heated laptop on the knees can cause infertility.

5. Research shows that cheating men tend to have lower IQ numbers.

6. Men spend around 6 months of their lives shaving.

7. Bald men tend to be 2-3 centimetres taller than those who have hair. That is the reason why people think that bald people seem stronger.

8. It is found that men who have attractive spouses tend to be happier in their relationships.

9. A 99 year old man divorced his 96 year old wife because he found that his wife cheated on him in 1940.

10. A 1927 dated movie called "Wings" is the first film that showed two men kiss on screen.

11. Women blink their eyes 19 times per minute. Whereas, men blink around only 11 times.

12. Smoking can cause infertility.

13. High heeled shoes were first worn by men around 1600. Then, women started wearing them in order to look more masculine.

14. Considering the world population, it is highly likely that 30-40 million men won't be able to find female partners around 2020 in China.

15. Men tend to walk 7% slower when they are with their partners.

16. In some rare cases, men's breasts can produce milk.

17. Every year, 450 men lose their lives due to breast cancer.

18. Research shows that men tend to say "I love you" first.

19. It's 5 times more likely for a man to get struck by lightning.

20. 74% of leading actors in Hollywood movies are men.

21. The possibility of developing prostate cancer for a man is 35% more than a woman's possibility of developing breast cancer!

22. Men sweat twice as much as women.

23. The suicide rates of men are 4 times higher than women.

24. The testicles hang apart from the body so that they can stay cooler. The sperm dies in body temperature.
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