‘The Problem With Jon Stewart’: Release Date, Trailer, Plot & More Details About Season Two

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> ‘The Problem With Jon Stewart’: Release Date, Trailer, Plot & More Details About Season Two

Apple TV+ has done it again with the second season of The Problem With Jon Stewart. The series joins other new shows coming to the streamer this October with six great episodes. 

Jon Stewart is a leading American comedian, commentator, television host, actor, producer, and writer, popularly known for his success in The Daily Show, The Jon Stewart Show, and recently The Problem With Jon Stewart. 

The series launched its first season in September 2021 and received loads of positive reviews and critics from fans, with a 58% average audience score on Rotten Tomatoes and a 7 out of 10-star rating on IMDb.

About ‘The Problem With Jon Stewart’

The first season saw Stewart comprehensively discuss different topics or events through intense interviews in each episode. From people's habits, heaps of harmful waste burnt by the U.S. military, and lack of proper treatment to the veterans to blends of rib-cracking moments, among other issues. 

The upcoming installment will see Stewart diving deeper into more problems, their causes, and possible long-lasting solutions. Stewart engages different guests through interviews to point out several people affected by the world's disasters. The upcoming season resembles its predecessor, although it will involve new guests and issues on the table. 

Apple TV Plus' 1-minute and the 4-second trailer starts with Stewart's warm welcome into the second season of The Problem With Jon Stewart, alongside a glimpse of the topics he will discuss, such as gender, taxes, globalization, elections, the bachelorette, the knicks, and everything else you want to here. 

Other issues include racial equality, climate change, the stock market, and what news sources to trust. The trailer also promises weekly releases with new guests.

The Show Creators and Guests

The Problem With Jon Stewart is chiefly produced and hosted by Jon Stewart alongside Brinda Adhikari, James Dixon, Richard Plepler, Chris McShane, Kris Acimovic, Reza Riazi, and Lorri Baranek as co-showrunners. 

Eden Productions and Busboy Productions are the companies behind the show's success, in cooperation with Apple. The series is shot exclusively in NewYork City, before a live studio, with Chelsea Devantez as the screenwriter.

Release Date

The Problem With Jon Stewart is set to land on Friday, October 7th, exclusively via Apple TV+. The streamer has taken it to its main Twitter page to share a 38-second video clip under the caption, 'New problems. New weekly releases.' 

Jon Stewart couldn't keep calm as he expressed his next big show via Twitter as well.