The Most Popular Movies To Stream This Week On All The Top Streaming Services


If you’re looking for the top suggestions from streaming services this week, look no further! Here’s a convenient list of new and old films that are currently being watched on all major streaming services right now! Everything from 2022 to a 1980s classic is represented.

HBO Max - ‘The Batman’ (2022)

If you have not seen The Batman, it is easily the most sensational of streaming releases at the moment. Check it out, along with numerous other new releases on HBO Max, now!

Hulu - ‘Crush’ (2022)

Crush, the new rom-com to join the site as an exclusive feature, may not hold up as one of the best films of the year, but it is currently very well-received from audiences as a film of the week.

Netflix - ‘Inception’ (2010)

You can never go wrong with Inception! This sci-fi action flick features a mind-bending story about the ability to enter and influence people through their dreams, with an ensemble cast led by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Disney Plus - ‘Moon Knight’ (2022)

This sensational new show may be just an unrelated mini-series to the rest of the universe, but fans of the MCU are hailing Moon Knight as a special creation from Disney's popular franchise.

Apple TV+ - ‘CODA’ (2021)

The 2022 Academy Awards gave the top honor of Best Picture to CODA this year, and it is only available on Apple TV+. Definitely a must-watch!

Peacock - ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’ (2010)

Edgar Wright's adaptation of the graphic novel Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is just about as fun of a comic book action film as you can get!

Amazon Prime Video - ‘Dead Poets Society’ (1989)

The oldest film on today's list, Dead Poets Society is an emotionally engaging drama about an unconventionally inspiring teacher, featuring the likes of Robin Williams, House's Robert Sean Leonard, and Ethan Hawke.

Happy watching!

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