The Horrifying Nazi Siege Where People Starved To The Point Of Eating Their Own Kids!


Leningrad (modern-day Saint Petersburg) witnessed an awful humanitarian plight during the WWII. The people in the city starved, ate cats, sawdust, wallpaper paste, and even their own families.

The siege went on for 900 days, as Nazis set out to starve them into submission.

Some say human flesh is the most delicious one.

And we still hear that the back side of humans is a delicacy in some parts of the Far East.

But how about the cases in history, when people resorted to first murder and then cannibalism as the last hope to not starve to death?

Yeah, there are many cases like that and one of the most horrible ones happened during The Siege of Leningrad.

It was during the WWII.

Leningrad, which was under German siege, witnessed probably the most terrible side of the war. Hundreds of thousands died.

The people of Leningrad, where hundreds of people died during the siege, had to face an even sadder truth after the siege.

Some people went as far as murdering and eating other people to survive under the siege.

A mother who fed three of her four children by killing the youngest one...

A husband who fed his kids and others by killing his wife...

Where humanity was put through an impossible test...

Soviet troops, who took over the city once the siege was over, did not tolerate cannibalism once they heard about it.

They initially decided to kill everyone who got involved in cannibalism.

However, when the number of people to be killed turned out to be almost 3,000, they had to classify them.

So they divided them into two groups: cannibals who murdered, and cannibals who ate already dead bodies.

Murderers were executed right away.

And others were sent to prison, but some of them went on with cannibalism and committed murders in prison and ate other human beings.

They were also executed.

We cannot possibly understand what happened in Leningrad with our current mind set.

But if we still want to psychologically analyze cannibalism, we can look at the following events:

For example, while some people starve after a ship or plane accident and start eating each others reject the idea at first, they accept it as a natural part of life.

And actually, those who do this comfortably rise up in the hierarchy of the group.

Because they are superior people, just as their instincts tell them, they have sacrificed and eaten an entity with a neocortex.

Still, the same is observed in the cannibalism that we know to be a behavioral or mental disorder in our modern society.

That individual tries to prove to the world that their existence is superior to that of others.

Sigmund Freud had a theory on cannibals, about how they believe that they will also inherit the characteristics of the people they eat while they are consuming parts of their bodies.

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