"The Ethnic Origins of Beauty" Proves All Women Around The World Are Beautiful!


The Non-profit project ’The Ethnic Origins of Beauty’ started in 2012. The project is developed by Russian photographer, writer and photojournalist Natalia Ivanova. She lives and works in France.

Natalia photographed 39 different ethnic origins from 4 continents and 15 countries. She aimed to indicate that all women of the world are equally precious and special. Nevertheless, there are much more ethnic origins around the world that couldn't be included in this project. 

The project is still ongoing and there will be other women that will be included. The selection criteria was simple. 

1- The participant should inherit the origins from both parents. 

2- The participant should carry the same ethnic origins for at least 3 generations. 

3- The participant should be between 18-30 years old.

The project reached its goal by stating that all women around the world are beautiful and ethnic differences are a part of this life.

Source: http://brightside.me

Réunionnais People, The Bengalis and Indo-Mauritians

Shilha People, Tunusians and Riffian People (Northern Morocco)

The Kalmyks (Western Mongolia), The Han People (China, Hong Kong, Singapore) and The Buryats

The Uyghurs, The Altay and The Uzbeks

The Ewe, The Fula People and Haitians

The Wolof People, Martinicans and The Kongo People

Belarusians, Russians and Finns (Finland)

Portuguese People, The Lorrainers (Belgium and Germany Border), The Tatars (Tatarstan)

Kabyle People (Algeria), Armenians and Georgians

The Kazakhs, Checens and The Circassians

The Osettians (Caucasia, Russia), The Bashkirs and Kumyks (Dagestan)

The Anyi People, The Cape-Verdeanslar and Guadeloupeans (Caribbean)

The Abazin, The Ingush and Shughnan People

Germans, The French, Lezgins (Daghistan and Azerbaijan)

For more info about the project you can visit below!

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