The Drama Film ‘Philomena’ Premieres on Netflix: Gloats Over 90% Rotten Tomatoes

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Philomena is a 2013 tragicomedy drama movie based on the 2009 book The Lost Child of Philomena Lee by journalist Martin Sixsmith. The film is based on the touching real story of Philomena Lee, a woman who searched for her adopted son for 50 years, aided by the journalist Sixsmith. 

So, what’s the story behind this award-winning film? Find out below.


The movie's protagonists are London-based journalist, Martin Sixsmith and Philomena Lee. Sixsmith is approached by Philomena's daughter at a party to write a story about her mother, who was forced to give up her son Anthony almost 50 years ago. Though initially reluctant, Sixsmith decides to help Philomena search for her son.

Philomena became pregnant as a teenager before being sent to Ross Abbey in Roscrea Ireland where she gave birth. The head nun forced Philomena to give up her son for adoption, a move she later justifies as punishing Philomena for having sex out of wedlock.

Sixsmith and Philomena search endlessly for Anthony in Ireland before discovering that the covenant would sell children for ₤1000 each to well-off American families. Taking their search to the U.S., the duo finds out that Anthony was renamed Michael A. Heiss. It turns out that Sixsmith had met Michael years earlier while working in the U.S. Unfortunately, Michael has been dead for eight years. 

Find out what action they take next and how they unravel Michael's life.


Your main cast for this heartfelt movie includes Judi Dench as Philomena Lee, Steve Coogan as Martin Sixsmith, Michelle Fairley as Sally Mitchell, Barbara Jefford as Sister Hildegarde, and Anna Maxwell Martin as Jane and Mare Winningham as Mary.

Accolades and Ratings

Philomena boasts various Awards and awesome ratings, with Coogan and writer Jeff Pope winning Best Screenplay at the 70th Venice International Film Festival. The film also rates at 91% on Rotten Tomatoes with fantastic critic reviews.

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