The Dark Internet: Mysteries Of The Deep Web Are Revealed One By One!

The Dark Internet: Mysteries Of The Deep Web Are Revealed One By One!

October 26 2016 - 03:59pm

Internet. The general name of the complex web structure that dominates our lives in this century.

How much do internet users know about the internet? The generally known fact is that there is far too much more information on the internet than what a human mind can hold.

So does this darknet (deep web) concern a regular internet user? We think not. If a person can find all the information he/she needs on the web, the internet would be sufficient. On the contrary, the deep part of the web has been a very interesting subject lately. Urban legends introduce deep web as the den of criminals.

If you are interested in technology, you must have heard of Ross UlbrichtJulian AssangeEdward Snowden.

  • Ross Ulbricht: a former darknet market operator convicted of creating and running the Silk Road until his 2013 arrest. He is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

  • Julian Assange: the founder of WikiLeaks, where many top secret documents of different countries were published.

  • Edward Snowden: an American computer professional, former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee and former contractor for the United States government who copied and leaked classified information from the National Security Agency (NSA) in 2013.

So if the web we know of is only the tip of the iceberg, how big can the whole web be?

This is exactly what we are going to explore in the research we are sharing.

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What is the Dark Web?

What is the Dark Web?

It's a collection of websites that are encrypted by private servers and are not publicly open to everybody, meaning you can't find these sites using ordinary search engines.

If you search 'Deep Web' on Google, you will probably get a picture of an iceberg.

This image is a representation of darknet's 960,000 users, while the web we know of has 2-3 billion users.

If the surface web we use is the tip of the iceberg, yet it has more users than the other part; what could be hiding under the water?

Why are these websites invisible to the search engines we use such as Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing, etc.? Why can't regular web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, or Opera reach them?

Where search engines won't work...

Where search engines won't work...

To surf the darknet you need special browsers, operating systems, and other software.

When you search about Deep Web on the web we know, Tor Browser will be the first thing you need. Tor (The Onion Router) provides a network of p2p (Peer-to-peer), meaning you can share directly with one or more users.

While using Tor, your security is vulnerable since you are using p2p, at the same time since you surf the web anonymously you are almost impossible to be tracked.

These websites are not indexed to show up on search engines like Google, Yahoo... The main reason they're not indexed is the fact that they lack user security and may contain illegal contents.

A world behind the surface web...

Even if it's possible for you to reach the darknet, you will still need to know a lot of jargon. If you have the habit of clicking every link you see on forums and blogs, you might get hacked by some random hacker or get viruses that can even destroy Tor's security wall. Remember this is a dark place and it's never safe.

How to access Deep Web?

How to access Deep Web?

As we mentioned above, you need special browsers to access the Deep Web. But don't think that you will have some kind of search engine to surf there.

The most popular of these browsers, Tor changes your location constantly. For example, you look like you are entering the web both from Brazil and Sweden, so you maintain your identity. It kind of works like VPN services.

With Tor, you can access popular indexes but your access would be very limited. All the websites have .onion domain suffix. To surf, you need websites that offer lists of links such as Reddit. Standard domains have different URLs like .onion and .clos. Ex: (xqz3udsrneuzhaeo.onion/.clos, 4eiruntyxxbgdfddfg.onion/.clos) (this is just a made up domain link)

Wikipedia of Deep Web is a guide to Deep Web. Hidden Wiki is the first address new dark web users usually looks into. It contains a web directory list full of URLs.

Is it a crime to search Deep Web?

Is it a crime to search Deep Web?

No. Using Tor or accessing deep web are not illegal.

P.S.: You can also use Tor for the surface web, the web we use every day, to surf anonymously by changing your IP address.

Even though accessing the Deep Web is legal, the content is 95% illegal. So you need to be careful and watch where you are going.

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What can you come across in Deep Web?

What can you come across in Deep Web?

There are also blogs in the Deep Web that work similarly to websites with .CLOS- .LLL- .ONION domains, but the topics might be creepier than you would expect.

Here are some examples of illegal content:

  • Satanist rituals.

  • Live stream gore content.

  • Hitmen looking for jobs.

  • Terrorist groups and their channels.

  • U.S.A Civilian Citizenship

  • Hacked credit cards in USA and Europe.

  • Guide to make home-made illegal drugs.

  • E-books on how to make bombs.

  • Illegal cellphones, computers, TV, household appliances, and topics on how to receive the ones you buy.  

  • Human trafficking for sex or pedophilia content

  • Entering radio frequencies for controlling and redirecting practices. 

  • Doxbin, a website full of diplomat and celebrity information as well as identity theft.  

  • Broad information on UFOs. (Including Area 51) 

Darknet's currency: Bitcoin

Darknet's currency: Bitcoin

It is said that the money circulating on Darknet reaches $2-3 million in a year. 

To engage in online trades, you need Bitcoins, your credit cards or bank accounts won't help you out there.

We mentioned Silkroad above, you can think of it is as the Dark Market. To shop in this market, you will need the online currency, Bitcoin. There are many ways to obtain Bitcoins, but we will not be mentioning them here.

The value of 1 BTC depends on bids, which is similar to real life exchange markets. 

You can use your bitcoins by spending them or selling them to bitcoin bounty hunters.

To 'mine' Bitcoins, first, you need special hardware and software, which may be a little expensive. Also, the mining process might take a lot of time and effort. It can take months to mine 1 BTC.

The Darknet is no different than a trading platform. Before Silkroad was shut down by FBI, it worked like Amazon or eBay.

Before Silkroad was shut down, all traffic was going through this website, and it's rumored that the high ranking admins were FBI agents.

If we look at the history of Bitcoin, it was the most sensational thing in the digital world in 2014. Although Bitcoin goes further back in history, it got the attention of the world when 1 Bitcoin was valued at more than 1000 dollars. With its popularity increasing, BTC was starting to be sold as an investment opportunity. Still, it is only accepted as a currency in Deep Web.

Web's levels:

Web's levels:

The Internet is not just a data storing system, it is also for communication and data transmission between certain terminals. The Deep Web is another network where people use their own servers to keep it more private and closed. According to their levels of accessibility, the Deep Web is separated into these levels;

Level 1 (Surface web)

These are the websites you can access without using a special browser. Although the websites you reach every day can be considered as Level 0, Level 1 websites such as Reddit and Vampire Freaks are considered as a gateway to the dark web.

Level 2 (Bergie web)

They are the websites you can't reach with search engines. FTP servers, +18 contents that are not indexed at this level. It's impossible to find them on search engines because they are either blocked or they are at the very last page of search results. 

A proxy may be necessary for the rest of the levels. 

Level 3 (Deep web)

Proxy level

Level 3 is split into two groups. The first group is the websites reachable with a proxy, they don't have the .onion extension but they are still banned from the search engines as they have illegal content. Illegal research reports, hacked materials, assassination videos, disturbing adult content, celebrity gossips, and computer security related subjects happen at this level.

Tor level

The real deep web starts here. Web sites are on private servers and have .onion domains. They are accessible by using a directory, and the contents will most likely contain:

Hacked server data, data dealers, confidential government documents, WikiLeaks archives, international espionage, guides on how to make weapons and bombs, information on terrorist groups, federal intelligence, illegal experiments and scientists, shell network, assembly programmers, hardcore hackers, Microsoft network security information, data analysts etc...

These websites are generally on private servers with HTML codes. Creators can do anything to protect their websites...

Level 4 (Charter web)

Level 4 is also analyzed in two groups. In the first level where you can enter using Tor browser, there are addresses you can't reach with directories like hidden wiki. The contents are claimed to be as the following... (we say claimed because deep web is full of urban legends and we don't have actual proof of the contents of any levels..)

Insider trading and secret company information, prearranged million dollar bet information, world famous arms dealers, tank, missile and defense systems sales, banned movies, videos, books, music, high ranked government spies, important voice recordings, mercenaries, private military, special task forces, black boxes, illegal and banned adult content, sex tapes of government officials, detailed secret wiki encyclopedia, human trafficking, sales of banned chemicals and drugs, organ and blood trafficking, child porn, cannibals and vampires looking for people to murder, the search for illegal experiment test subjects...

Theoretically, Tor browser is sufficient to reach the internet levels mentioned above...

Closed Shell System

Closed Shell System

We passed the point where Tor browser can access the internet content. Only special router devices can access this specific level of the internet called Charter Web.

The 'Closed Shell System' is where only some people in the world can access, can not be reached without special equipment. It's not easy to find this equipment either. These machines with custom operating systems have their own custom CPU, so people can enter the right frequency. It's not possible to reach this level without this equipment.

Closed shell system

They have .clos domains. You can see how an encrypted .clos website looks like on the picture above. This is how it looks from a regular router which cannot decrypt the information on the website.

WikiLeaks have leaked from this level

The infamous WikiLeaks files were told to be gathered in a closed system and slowly leaked to the upper layers. Thus the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange is an important figure within the Darknet.

So what's inside these closed systems?

Artificial intelligence processors, GGGEQP processors, Tesla's work and many more blueprints, crystallized power controllers, weather manipulators, secret HAARP projects, secret researchers, engine blueprints, masons, Illuminati, secret algorithms, global terror, drugs, human trafficking networks and much more...

The mysteries of yet unreached Marianas Level and beyond...

The mysteries of yet unreached Marianas Level and beyond...

This level is only a theory and its existence isn't proven. It seems highly unlikely to be proven anytime soon.

Marianas Level takes its name from the 'Mariana Trench' which is the deepest point of the world's oceans. It is the web of highly classified or even lost information like the location of Atlantis and every other weird, conspiracy like things. The theory is, it deduced such information from the existing one that is spread all over the Internet which is either hidden or accessible, it talks about the web not as a network but a highly evolved AI that has come into being by the collective consciousness of people, processors, programs, sensors, the internet etc. The reason why this level of the internet hasn't been reached is because it is still a theory and it requires quantum computers to get there. We don't have that kind of technology yet.

Level 6

Rumored to be the most dangerous part of the deep web. 

Level 7 (The Fog/Virus Soup)

According to the legend, this area is described as a war zone. Like the Marianas and the level 6, it's a theory no one knows much about. The reason why it is called warzone is that people are predicted to get in a war to keep others from reaching level 8.

Level 8 (The Primarch System)

This level is said to be the end point of the internet. It is said to be controlled by the 'Primarch System' (God of System). The Primarch ySstem is literally the thing controlling the internet. Nobody has control of it. In fact, nobody even knows what it is. It's an anomaly that basically was discovered by super deep web scans in the early 2000's.The system is unresponsive but it sends out unalterable commands to the entire net randomly. It is impossible for our computers to break the lock at the moment.

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Lastly, we do not in any way have the intent to encourage you to reach deep web. This research is solely educational.

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