The Angry Birds Are Back On Netflix With A New Series: ‘Angry Birds: Summer Madness’

The Angry Birds Are Back On Netflix With A New Series: ‘Angry Birds: Summer Madness’

Pauline Nicole Sael
January 24 2022 - 09:12pm

The Angry Birds animated series is back on Netflix with a new series entitled ‘The Angry Birds: Summer Madness’. The new season is going to be released on Netflix on January 28th. 

The trailer of ‘The Angry Birds: Summer Madness’ animated series was recently released. The trailer features Red, Chuck, Bomb, and Stella’s afflictions with their other friends and also with Neiderflyer.

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Angry Birds Summer Madness | Trailer

The series will also put a spotlight on the three attending a camp. In the camp, Mighty Eagle would be their teacher. The interaction between the pig camp as well as the birds would be such a hilarious scene. 

New characters in the series will be introduced as well like the feathered bird twins. In the new animated series, we would see the birds pushing their limit breaking rules, and coping with their conditions.

More About Angry Birds

‘The Angry Birds: Summer Madness’ series is created by Rovio Entertainment in collaboration with Netflix and CAKE. The series comprises forty episodes. Each episode duration will be around eleven minutes. The bird missiles seen in the ‘Angry Birds’ movie, as well as the game version, are the inspiration behind ‘The Angry Birds: Summer Madness’. 

‘Angry Birds’ is a video game developed by Rovio Entertainment and was first released on iOS in 2009. The game got tremendous popularity and around 12 million copies of the game were installed from the app store. 

In 2016, ‘The Angry Birds’ animated movie was launched by Rovio Entertainment and distributed by Sony Pictures. It was followed by ‘The Angry Birds 2’ movie in 2019, also in animation. 

The Angry Birds: Summer Madness series is said to be inspired by the two previous movies. The series is directed by Curtish Lelash and the characters were designed by Adan Ye. 

In ‘The Angry Bird: Summer Madness’ series the voice-over is done by Adam Kirschner, Ana Sani, Deven Mack, and Gigi Guerrero. Other cast members are not yet revealed.

Would it be interesting to see what new the series is going to present? Let us know your thoughts through comments.

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