The 7 Richest Drug Lords Of All Time!


Here are the 7 richest drug smugglers of all times, ranging from tech gurus to the ones who escaped from bad homes and became criminals...Mind the fact that they basically ran their countries back in the days!

1. Nicky Barnes

Nicky Barnes was born in one of the poorest neighborhoods of New York, and found shelter in the underground world after running away from the bad treatment he received at home. He got arrested for minor drug related crimes, and when he was in prison, he got to know 'Crazy' Joe Gallo-an experienced player in the drug world. These two started planning to take control of the heroin market, which was just starting to develop at the time. Gallo trained Barnes so that he would have a higher rank resulting in Barnes moving up more as the business grew: It was said that he spent more than 7 million dollars just for clothing.

2. Ross Ulbricht

Ross Ulbricht is a tech-mastermind. Using what internet has to offer, he established a drug market, where more than 1.2 billion dollars worth of drugs were sold. Ross, who is from Austin, Texas, has a master's degree in engineering. Having found his work life unsatisfactory, Ross decided to set up his own business after finishing his studies. After many unsuccessful attempts, he ended up in the world of crime.

3. Big Meech

Big Meech, whose real name is Demetrius Flenory, is the founder of the drug ring "Black Mafia Family," which was active between 1980s and 2005. Being close to the Mexican cartels, this criminal organization established transfer points in Atlanta and Los Angeles to smuggle drugs. They made great profits by distributing the cocaine that they bought in Mexico at low prices country-wide, thanks to the transfer points that they had.

4. Manuel Noriega

Norigea, who ran the dictatorship of Panama between 1983 and 1989, provided the CIA with intelligence. The CIA, in return, shut their eyes to the drug trafficking that took place under his control. He also earned George H. W. Bush's alliance by allowing the USA to build audio surveillance units and trading routes in his country.

5. Zhenli Ye Gon

Chinese business man Zhenli, who established many pharmaceutical companies in Mexico, was known for his luxurious life style. He helped Mexican cartels to import pseudo-ephedrine which is a necessary ingredient to produce vast amounts of methamphetamine. Because his business was legit, he could easily supply the necessary chemicals to produce meth, and therefore, he carried great importance for cartels.

6. El Chapo

The leader of the Sinaola Cartel, El Chapo, whose real name is Joaquín Guzmán, is one of the most famous drug traffickers of all times. He has become infamous with his violent and threatening attitude, and his preference to kill his enemies with his own bear hands. He is still the head of a drug network that operates world-wide.

7. Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar, who was the most powerful drug baron of all times, used to control 80% of the cocaine that entered USA. His net worth was 30 billion dollars in mid 80s and he made more than 420 million dollars weekly.

The popular TV series "Narcos" is a chronicle depiction of his criminal conduct.

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