Tell Us Your Birth Date And Learn Your Ultimate Destiny!


As small beings who are scattered in divine order, we are all in the strange cycle.

According to Islamic origin, date of birth and family-related Arab information astrology, there is a tradition that gives little clues about our fate with the help of the stars.

It is very difficult these days to look at your horoscope because of the fact that the people of this business are gradually decreasing.

As the Onedio team, we brought your horoscope to your feet.

1. Choose your gender first!

2. Let's put all the figures of the birth date together until we get a single figure. What is the result? (For example, if you were born on 19.05.2001, 1 + 9 + 0 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 1 = 18. You should make this a single figure by adding a sum of 1 + 8 = 9).

3. Which month were you born in?

4. What is the theme of your worst nightmares?

I feel trapped, unable to move, squeezed.
I see myself running away and suddenly I fall somewhere.
I see myself drowning.
I see myself being alone.
I see my loved ones are harmed.

5. How many letters are there in your mother's maiden name? Add until you get a single number.

6. Do you have a hereditary disease?

Even though nobody in my family got sick, I have a disease.

7. In which one of the following images will there be something really bad?

8. How are you with your father?

Great! He's my hero!
Not so bad. Even if we don't get along, we like each other.
I really never had that much of a chance to know him.
We're not good.

9. Why are you taking this test? Why do you want us to find in your horoscope?

No special reason.
I've always been interested in this type of things. I do it out of curiosity!
I might learn something about myself.
I want clues that'll make my life easier.
According to fate, will things go as I wish, or will I have to work hard for it?

Venus gave good character to this woman!

This woman is lucky in every way. It's better for her to travel than sit at home. She has biliary diseases. She gets married once or three times. She will have the seal of the star Venus on her face. The food she makes is great. Many envy her. Brunette women can cast a spell on her. It's good to clean the house with plenty of vinegar water to protect herself from spells.

Venus helped this man with romantic relationships!

The man that Venus chose is always lucky. But other men envy him. The sisters and the mothers of the men who envy him can cast a magical spell on him. This person needs protection. He's soft-headed. When he gets married, he'll have girls. His life is long and body is healthy.

Mars gave this woman energy!

This woman is alert and hardworking. Good lad. She gives birth to a boy. She speaks tough! She gets married once. Her life is long, healthy, but she has headache problems. She can't get along with her mother-in-law. It's better for her to travel than sit at home.

Mars gave this man strength!

This man has good character. He's as strong as a bear. He gets rich at an early age. He speaks aggressively but his wife loves him. He gets married once. His mother likes him very much. He's a good son for the family. He does army service and protects his village. His life is long. He usually has boys. He suffers from headaches. It's better for him to travel than sit at home.

Mercury gave wisdom to this woman!

This woman has the sweetest talk. She gets on well with her mother-in-law and neighbors. She can do everything well. She will be rich if she doesn't stay at home. She makes her husband rich. She is good at sewing and should marry a merchant. She gets married twice. There's plenty of trouble for her. Her friends protect her.

Mercury gave this man the power of speech!

This person is very talented. It's good for him to be a merchant. He becomes rich, after the age of 35 he loses money but earns it again. He gets on well with the neighbors. It's better for him to travel than sit at home. He makes enemies but his friends protect him. He won't be a good boy but he's good with his father.

The moon gave beauty to this woman!

This woman brings abundance to the house she goes. Her dreams come true. She lives a long life, if she farms, her field is rich. She is good a daughter and gets on well with neighbors. She'll be a good midwife if she can learn. She will have plenty of children. She only marries once. Sitting at home is better than traveling for. She can protect herself from every accident by praying. Bad days are Monday and Friday for her. She cooks well. She heals with her cooking. But she puts on a lot of weight.

The moon gave abundance to this man!

He is the best son. He loves his mother very much. He goes to army service to protect his country. He's good with animals and it's good for him to do farming. He gets married once. He becomes a compassionate father to his children. For him sitting at home is better than traveling. He often has problems with his lungs. He should pay attention to his health. He'll live a long life. He'll have plenty of children. He'll see his grandsons.

The sun gave strength to this woman!

This woman is a good daughter. If she goes to school, she'll be useful to her country. Many envy her. People cast a spell on her. She needs to be protected from magic with prayers. She helps her neighbors. It's better for her to travel than sit at home. She's incompetent, but she tries to do every job. She doesn't know what fighting is, she makes up easily. She'll get married twice. She's afraid of drowning. Their children will be good children.

The sun gave strength to this man!

This person is a good son. If he is educated, he can become an administrator. It's better for him to travel than sit at home. He'll have more than one lady. He should avoid light skinned woman. Many envy him. People cast a spell on him, he should protect himself from magic. He'll have plenty of children. The star does not fall easily. He'll have choler inflammation, if he survives, he'll live until the age of 80.

Pluto gave this woman charm strength!

This woman is unlucky. She's petite. She gets married once. Many envy her. She takes care of herself. If she is educated she becomes a good daughter. She frowns and always hungry. She's not good with her relatives. She should be careful about blond women. She'll marry a rich man. She'll be widowed and have lots of money. She won't have many kids but her kids respect her a lot. She'll live a long life but she should be careful about her health.

Pluto gave enemy to this man!

He'll become rich as he ages. He'll have lots of enemies. His first child will be a girl, the rest will be boys. He'll be a soldier and even protect people who envy him. He doesn't speak softly. He gets along well with his wife. He'll have a lot of problems with women who have moles on their breasts. He should get married to a woman who has no moles on her skin. He won't inherit money from his family but he'll leave money to his own children.

Jupiter gave joy to his woman!

She brings abundance wherever she goes. She'll make her husband rich. She can't do everything but everybody loves her. It's better for her to travel than sit at home. She respects old people. She'll have many kids. She'll get married once. Her health is really good. She'll live long. Many envy her. She protects herself by praying. She's really helpful.

Jupiter gave courage to this man!

He's good with women. It's good for him to travel. If he finishes school, he'll become rich. He'll make his wife rich. He's a good son. He has bone problems. He'll have a long life. He'll have a lot of children. Many envy him. He's helpful and a lot of people pray for him. Even if he's in trouble, he'll still succeed. He has an appetite but he doesn't put on weight. He'll get married three times.

Saturn gave stubbornness to this woman!

She's good with men. She doesn't get along well with her mother. She's stubborn. She'll get married to a rich man. She only helps her family. She gets sick when it's cold. Her mother loves her more than her father. She doesn't get along well with her siblings. She'll make a good farmer. She's hardworking. She'll get married once and won't get a divorce easily. She'll have few kids but they'll be good children.

Saturn gave strength to this man!

He doesn't get along well with his siblings. He doesn't have many friends but people respect him. He should finish his school. He's hardworking, he'll be rich. He speaks tough. He gets on well with light skin women. Many envy him but nothing can damage him. His father loves him a lot. He'll get married once and have boys. He won't get on well with them but he'll protect them. He won't inherit money from his family but he will leave money to his children. He's stubborn. Many people pray for him. It's better for him to be friends with strangers than his own relatives.

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