Strange Dude Who Fucks "Mother Nature"


We have never seen a love like this. This guy has sex with anything he finds in the nature. His story is definitely a must see!

1. Name Mathias, age 26, we don't know his height.

Mathias is a Swedish nature lover. He lives in nature and refuses to own a house.

2. 7 years ago, he rejected the "money" concept.

Growing up with nature in a small farm, Mathias traveled to 35 different cities in Sweden by hitchhiking. He feeds himself by dumpster diving or helping local businesses in exchanges for food.

3. The reason this man is really interesting is the fact that he fucks grass, rocks, forests.

You didn't read it wrong. This man makes love to nature.

4. "Nature makes me horny."

"I enjoy being in nature and nature makes me horny. Nothing better than getting an erection from a beautiful flower."

5. Whenever he is in nature, he takes off his pants.

Breathing the clean air of the forest is enough for him to get turned on.

6. Aaand then he takes his underwear off.

Now he is ready to make love to "mother nature."

7. He hugs the trees, makes out with them.

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Leaves one tree and goes off to another tree. Kiss and run.

8. Never rushes foreplay.

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Because the sex will not be passionate without foreplay.

9. Now, it is time for intercourse.

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He has intercourse with whatever hole he finds, like this tree hole.

10. He feels pleasure in every cell.

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Sometimes he fucks nature for hours without breaks.

11. The pleasure leaks out of his eyes.

Mathias can not describe the orgasm he experiences in words. However, we can see how much the tree hits the spot.

12. Sadly, he has a bad habit. He shits everywhere.

Would a person shit on his love? Well that is another fantasy; he is a SCAT fan.

13. Thank god he buries his shit.

Just like a cat, Mathias buries his poop after he is done with his business.

14. He is also really careful about personal hygiene.

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He always cleans his butt with tree leaves after pooping, so not to mess up his underwear.

15. Well, he ruins the trees and branches in the process.

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He wipes his poop on the leaves. I don't know if we can smell the flower of the tree or eat it's fruits anymore...

16. Mathias is not alone.

He actually has a friend who is just like him. She also fucks nature.

17. They have a really similar perspective.

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They like spending time together.

18. They make music together and jam.

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Music is one of the hobbies they are passionate about.

19. They never ever have sex with each other.

Because they state that they are not sexually attracted to humans, just nature.

20. Sometimes they have wild sex with nature.

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And sometimes they put mud on each other to help with each other's orgasms.

21. They don't forget to clean up after sex.

To look more human, I guess.

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