13 Special Tricks Guaranteed To Up Your Masturbation Game!


Sexual desire is the most strong and constant feeling of humankind. Sexuality is not a journey that you can share all the time. It starts within yourself and masturbation plays a key role in this.

1. Sexuality is the most natural thing you can experience! Don't consider your sexuality as a taboo for a second!


2. Sexual pleasure is one of the strongest drives of humankind.


3. Since we are not living in a jungle, we have to act and behave according to society's norms. This might create a setback for our sexual desires.


4. Most of us have a common and simple solution for this problem: Masturbation!


5. We're not talking about your ordinary masturbation session! There are special masturbation techniques that carry the pleasure into a next level.


6. We are focusing on pleasure today!


Focusing is essential! You need to increase arousal. But how are you going to do that? The trick is not imagining classic sexual fantasy cliches or thinking about the people you're attracted to!

7. Your desires are way beyond being turned on by the bodies of other people!


The dream you've been chasing for years, your plans, your promotion... These are too important as they are your biggest ambitions. These are the most strong desires in this world. Think about those while you're masturbating, you'll notice the difference!

8. Increase your energy!


In Ancient Egypt, the orgasm was considered as a mundane part of the infinity. According to Kabbalah tradition, sexual desire is the holiest of all spiritual expressions.

9. Remember that this is actually a spiritual activity!


In order to reveal the mentioned life energy Ancient Egyptians believed in, you need to place your hand on your backbone and rub it slowly. The circular movement will peak the pleasure!

10. Conquer the Perineum area!


The word perineum is used to describe the area between your anus and genitals. Focusing on this part will definitely increase sexual pleasure.

11. Use a stopwatch!


Rushing things never help you get there! This technique requires you to masturbate in a specific time slot. No stopping or finishing off before you reach that required amount of moments. Our suggestion for beginning: 20 minutes!

12. Give a chance to your other hand!


Routine is the worst enemy of sexuality! Next time you're masturbating, force yourself to use your other hand. You'll soon notice the difference!

13. Be confident!


Don't underestimate the power of masturbation by falling into the traps of society that overlooks self-satisfaction. Remember that everyone on this planet needs masturbation whether they are single or in a relationship. Trust yourself, masturbation is self-love!

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