South Korean Spy Thriller ‘Yaksha: Ruthless Operations’ Debuts On Netflix In April 2022- Here’s What To Know About

> South Korean Spy Thriller ‘Yaksha: Ruthless Operations’ Debuts On Netflix In April 2022- Here’s What To Know About

‘Yaksha: Ruthless Operations’ is an upcoming South Korean Netflix Original spy-thriller film. It’s only the second time in the director’s seat for Na Hyun, who previously directed the action-thriller ‘The Prison.’

The highly anticipated spy thriller is only the second South Korean film to be released on Netflix in 2022, and it is likely to have some hearts racing. It's also thrilling to see Park Hae Soo from ‘Squid Game’ in action once more.

‘Yaksha: Ruthless Operations’ Release Date

The film Yaksha: Ruthless Operations is set to stream exclusively on the popular streaming platform, Netflix on April 8th 2022. It has a runtime of 125 minutes.

‘Yaksha: Ruthless Operations’ Trailer

A new teaser and poster for the upcoming spy movie “Yaksha: Ruthless Operations” have been released!

The trailer depicts an intriguing set-up for the Black Ops team's mission in China, Shenyang. 'I heard this city had the largest density of spies in the world,' the teaser opens, before showing each of the team members preparing for the intelligence operation. Prosecutor Han Ji Hoon, who was demoted from the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office, is hot on the trail of the Black Ops squad, closely watching their every move.

Check out the full teaser below!

‘Yaksha: Ruthless Operations’ Plot Summary

In Shenyang, China, Kang In, the cold-blooded chief of a secret NIS Operations, takes on an extraordinarily perilous operation. In a city full of spies where danger lurks around every corner, Kang In's greatest foe appears in the form of Ji Hoon, a tough prosecutor from the Seoul Central District who is willing to uphold the law at all costs.

‘Yaksha: Ruthless Operations’ Cast

Park Hae Soo, who played Chang Sang Woo or 'No. 1' in the worldwide phenomenon 'Squid Game' in 2021, will be familiar to many Netflix members. 218.' Hae Soo, alongside Lee Jung Jae and Jung Ho Yeon, gave an outstanding performance, culminating in an extraordinarily dramatic and heart-wrenching ending.

Park Hae-soo plays the character of Ji-hoon, a prosecutor from the Seoul Central District. Joining him are GOT7 Jinyoung as Jeong-dae, Sol Kyung-gu as Kang-inn, Hiroyuki Ikeuchi, Lee El as Hee-won, Yang Dong-geun as Chief Hong, and Jin Kyung as Yeom Jeong-won.

‘Yaksha: Ruthless Operations’ Showrunners

Screenwriters Na Hyun and Ahn Sang Hoon penned ‘Yaksha: Ruthless Operations’. The film is directed by Na Hyun and has been made under the production company Sangsang Film Co. Ltd.

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