Skin Undertone?! Join The Hype Train Of The Beauty World!

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Light, fair, medium, olive, brown or black. No, we are not talking about these anymore. There is a new thing: Finding your skin’s undertone. It’s a burning hot topic for beauty bloggers and it is confusing us. We dug it deeply and simplified it for you. After this list you'll be an expert and hey, you might even start your own blog!

1. Why is it so damn important?

Why  Beyoncé looks amazing with blond hair but Kim Kardashian’s blond hair is such a fail? Or why some jewelry never match the clothes we wear? Your skin’s undertone has all the answers.

2. The correct color choices compliment your skin tone!

Knowing your skin tone and choosing the right colors for hair, makeup, clothes or jewels is important! Because perfect choices will flatter and compliment your look while bad tones might make you look pale and washed out.

3. What are the undertones?

There are three types of undertones: Warm, neutral and cool. Neutral is really rare, so mostly we will be talking about warm and cool tones.

4. Cool skin tone

You are a cool tone if you have pink undertones. Pink undertone is also another name for cool skin tone. Not only pale skinned people are cool skin tone, also dark skinned people might have pink undertones, it depends on pigments under your skin.

5. Warm skin tone

These people have yellow pigments under their skin.

6. Neutral skin tone

Another name for neutral skin tone is beige undertone. This group is all the other types that don’t fit in warm and cool skin tone categories. They are the luckiest group because all the color will easily fit to them.

7. What is your undertone?

The easiest way to check your undertone is vein test. Check your veins on the inside of your wrist under sunlight. If the veins look blue, you’re cold. If they are green, then you are warm. If you have the both colors, you have neutral skin tone.

8. Going pro...

If you are not satisfied with the simple test you can use Photoshop or Paint’s color scale for a second check-up.

You can upload your picture to this website to check your skin’s RGB tone: Find Pantone Colors On Image

9. What to do now?

Now that you know your skin’s undertone you can make better choices with color. Cool skin tones carry cool colors better, like pink or dark blue, while warm skin tones should go with warm colors like green or red.

10. Jewelry choice

Warm skin toned people look great in gold and bronze jewels and cool skin colored should go for silver and black.

11. Hair color

Now it’s getting complicated. Simply you should neutralize your color balance. For example warm skin tones will rock in ash tones, for cool skin tones rich gold tones for hair will do the same.

12. Make-up

The rule for products like lipsticks or eye shadows is same as for clothes. For concealer and foundation you should try to neutralize your color like you do with your hair.

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