Shark Tank Season 14 - Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Shark Tank Season 14 - Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Jamie Sugay
October 09 2022 - 02:14pm

The Sharks are back for its 14th season. The long-running show continues to spark the entrepreneurial spirit and fans can't seem to get enough.

Shark Tank had a brief stint on Netflix but now airs as part of the ABC network’s lineup. 

Read on for what to expect in Shark Tank Season 14.

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What happens on Shark Tank?

Shark Tank is a classic reality show where budding entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to industry titans (the 'sharks') for a possible investment in their company. The show's success stems from the sharks' harsh criticisms of the would-be products or business models and the 'feeding frenzy' amongst themselves once they smell a lucrative business opportunity.

Win or lose, the contestants learn valuable lessons from the sometimes savage criticisms from the judges and exposure on national tv alone is enough to get awareness about their products from the fans of the show.

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Who are the Shark Tank judges?

It’s refreshing to note that the producers have not made many changes to the line up- after all, why fix something when it's not broken?

The old gang taking turns to be Sharks or judges in the show include:

  • Barbara Corcoran 

  • Daymond John

  • Kevin O’Leary

  • Lori Greiner

  • Mark Cuban

  • Robert Herjavec

Shark Tank is also known to have stellar guest judges, and season 14 is no exception. Among the guest judges for Season 14 are Gwyneth Paltrow, Kendra Scott, and Tony Xu. 

We can expect more high-profile guest investors if we go by the previous season’s lineup. 

Here are the previous season’s judges: 

  • Alex Rodriguez

  • Ashton Kutcher

  • Bethenny Frankel

  • Daniel Lubetzky

  • Emma Grede

  • Kevin Hart

  • Nirav Tolia

  • Peter Jones

  • Richard Branson

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Shark Tank's successful businesses

Unlike other reality shows that are all bark and no bite, Shark Tank has helped launch many businesses. Just a few of those are: 

  • Tipsy Elves

  • The Comfy

  • Squatty Potty

  • Simply Fit Board

  • Scrub Daddy

  • Sand Cloud

  • LuminAid

  • Bombas

  • Bantam Bagels

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When and where can you watch Shark Tank?

Season 14 of Shark tank began airing in September 2022. If you like to catch the Sharks and the next big thing in business, watch them on ABC at 8 pm ET/PT. If you missed it on TV, don’t worry, you can also watch them on YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV, or FuboTV.

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