Sci-Fi Movie ‘Blasted’ Releases on Netflix: Trailer, Release Date and More!


‘Blasted’ revolves around our main heroes, Sebastian and Mikkel, who were childhood friends. They are reunited for Sebastian's bachelor celebration, only to find themselves in an alien invasion!

‘Blasted’ Movie Trailer

The trailer for the upcoming ‘Blasted’ is already available on Youtube and Netflix. The trailer can also be watched below:

The official synopsis from Netflix reads:
When an alien invasion interrupts a bachelor party, two childhood friends reunite as the kick-ass laser tag duo they once were to fight back.

‘Blasted’ Plot

Sebastian and Mikkel, who were buddies in their youth, reunite for Sebastian's bachelor celebration in the Netflix show Blasted.

Sebastian has turned into a career-obsessed workaholic who is enjoying the party to negotiate with a possible client, unlike Mikkel, who never outgrew the teenage laser tag prodigy. Mikkel and Sebastian must reunite as the powerful laser tag team they used to be and fight back when the bachelor party accidentally stumbles into an alien space invasion.

The real-life Hessdalen lights UFO phenomenon, which occurred in a 12-kilometer length of the Hessdalen valley in rural central Norway, served as the inspiration for the film. Both during the day and at night, the lights—whose origin is unknown—appear in the valley and seem to float around and above it. They can appear above or below the horizon and can last anywhere from a few seconds to well over an hour. They are typically bright white, yellow, or red.

‘Blasted’ Cast and Characters

Axel Byum and Fredrik Skogsrudin, who play Sebastian and Mikkel, respectively, are played by Norwegian actors in Blasted.

Other cast members include Evelyn Rasmussen Osazuwa (Stine), Mathias Luppichini (Audun), André Srum (Kasper), Eirik Hallert (Pelle), and Bols Berdal (Hjrdis). HBO viewers are likely already familiar with Berdal from her role as Armistice in Westworld.

Sci-Fi Movie ‘Blasted’ Release Date

Science-fiction movie ‘Blasted’ finally releases on Netflix. The film will be available to stream on-site on Tuesday, June 28, 2022.

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