Sarah Perry’s 'The Essex Serpent' is Here as Your May’s Most Binge-able Film

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Apple TV+ has delivered almost-British films like the Suspicion, Dickinson, and Ted Lasso. The streaming platform is now set to launch its originally British drama series, The Essex Serpent, based on an award-winning novel by Sarah Perry.


The film is set in 1893, following the tale of the freshly widowed Cora Seaborne, portrayed by Claire Danes. Danes shifts to Essex to explore reports of a mysterious serpent after fleeing an abusive relationship through her husband’s death. 

Claire forms a doubtful connection with the village clergyman, Tom Hiddleston, amid the mission. When disaster strikes, the villagers accuse Dane of attracting the monster. 

The tale is more complex than it appears, involving a wide range of theological and philosophical debates and how forces between faith and superstition can affect our daily lives. The monster under discussion is far beyond a giant sea snake ever seen.

Who Casts The Essex Serpent?

Claire Danes of Homeland depicts Cora Seaborne, replacing Keira Knightley, who quit the project over personal reasons. Tom Hiddleston of Loki portrays Will Ransome, a community leader and local Clergyman with whom Claire forms an unanticipated connection.

Other characters include Clémence Poésy of The Tunnel portraying Stella Ransome, Frank Dillane of Fear the Walking Dead depicting Luke Garrett, and Hayley Squires of Collateral, enacting Martha. 

Ryan Refsfell plays John Ransome, Michael Jibson portrays Matthew Evansford, Dixie Egerickx enacts Jo Ransome, and Jamael Westman represents Dr George Spenser. The Essex Serpent is written by Anna Symon and directed by Clio Barnard.

Debut Date

Apple TV+ has taken it to its main Twitter page to announce the great news accompanied by a 2 minutes 20, seconds trailer. “In the estuaries of Aldwinter, love is the greatest mystery.” The film launches with two episodes on Friday, May 13th, followed by weekly releases.

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