‘Rise’: The Odds-defying Trio Brothers’ Film Premieres this Summer

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Disney+ has been delivering the best biographical sports films. The streaming network has unveiled a new trailer regarding the upcoming exclusive movie Rise, scheduled to launch this June.

The film follows the remarkable true story of three super-talented brothers, Alex (Elijah Shomanke), Thanasis (Ral Agada), and Giannis Antetokounmpo (Uche Agada), who encountered impossible challenges to accomplish victory in the NBA.

'The Game' Plot

'The Game' Plot

When a single family member wins, so does the entire family. That seems to be the case in the Antetokounmpo family, who are dedicated to uplifting each other and have a tight bond. 

It all begins when Vera (Yetide Badaki) and Charles Antetokounmpo (Dayo Okeniyi) move from Nigeria to Greece in search of greener pastures. However, as they strive to provide for their children, they encounter intimidation from the Greek executives and their people. The journey to acquire Greek citizenship to bring their eldest son into the country comes with obstacles. 

While the family strives to survive, the siblings, Thanasis and Giannis, play basketball during leisure and soon realize they have perfectly mastered the game. After an agent notices them, Giannis joins the NBA draft, and the two siblings eventually play for the Milwaukee Bucks and win the team its first championship trophy in fifty years. 

Kostas (Jaden Osimuwa) joins the L. A Lakers, and like we said, the prosperity of one family member means the win is for everybody. The Antetokounmpo story is one to die for, a story of daily struggles and success.

Cast and Crew

Akin Omotoso directs the film with Bernie Goldman as the producer. Douglas S. Jones and Giannis Antetokounmpo serve as the chief producer. 

Other characters include Anthony Abiola portraying Francis Antetokounmpo, Manish Dayal depicting Kevin, the agent, and Taylor Nichols impersonating John Hammond, Milwaukee Bucks’ manager.

'Rise' Debut Date

Rise launches on Friday, June 24th, via Disney Plus. As we wait, you can enjoy the trailer on the platform’s main YouTube Channel.

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