Ranking All of Eevee’s Evolved Forms: Who is the Best Eeveelution For Your Team?

> Ranking All of Eevee’s Evolved Forms: Who is the Best Eeveelution For Your Team?

Eevee's unstoppable enchantments take various forms, and with so much evolution, we'll take it all and see who has the best Eevelution for you!

Maybe we can all agree on the fact that Eevee is one of the Pokemon that every fan has set their favored eyes on. It's not impossible for this pokemon to become the most popular, as it has not only enchanted trainers and fans once, but several times with its various evolutions, which appear to be very appealing. Eevee and its three other authentic evolutions first appeared in the Generation 1 games, followed by the second, fourth, and sixth generations, which serve new Eevee evolutions.

Primarily, Eevee's sets of evolutions, which were triggered by its environmental adaptation, although they started out similar in design,  tend to be more helpful than before. But one great fact about Eevee’s enchanting evolutions is that not all abilities can be guaranteed in their looks and cuteness, and all of its evolutions come with different pros and cons that will either make their greatness greater or less.

With no connection to its popularity, this evaluation of Eevee's new forms was based on its stat distribution, learnable moves, typing benefits, and above all, its ability to be the arena’s gladiator, arriving at the ranking of Eevee’s most powerful to weakest evolution.


Eevee’s bunny-eared Ice-type evolution, Gladeon is undeniably its most adorable formation. Given its perfectly shaped design, Glaceon was typically made to characterize a solid stat and virtuoso attack. Its interesting way of freezing its fur and turning it into sharp icicles to be fired at its foes is a guaranteed strength that makes your Glaceon look superior in the arena. 

But on the downside, Glaceon was not vested with higher Hit Points or great speed, and only had a base of 65, an attack was also on a bare minimum and its speed was most likely stiff. As expected of an Ice type, technically frozen which can be seen as not a good record for a warrior. Take an effort to lead on the attacks before you get caught. Glaceon’s defense is a pass given that Glaceon is an Ice type, but an Ice Rock delay is a bummer. It was not a really good combination for a lossy speed and an average defense to combine therefore you can expect a mediocre Pokemon in battle.


Although Jolteon’s physical defense is unfavorable, it can be promised that this electric-type evolution of Eevee will dash foremost on the battlefield. Its special attack is an exceptional speed that mostly became its asset in victory. Jolteon has the ability to strike power from its fur enabling it to release a flashing electrical charge of needles.

But despite the greatness of this move, Jolteon’s promising move cannot guarantee a high level of accommodation which is sort of a common problem for Eevee’s several evolutions. Thunderbolt and Thunder Shock, although considered one of the greatest moves in Pokemon battles, when combined, cannot push any success rate further than expected. Jolteon can also lead a worse battle when faced with its weakness pokemon types. To conclude, Jolteon is a great pokemon of its type but cannot be a great asset for longer wars, thus should be used to its full potential in the first rounds.


Flareon, aside from its cuteness, is not really one of the best evolutions for Eevee. As a Fire-type Pokemon, Flareon’s body temperature was triggered by its excitement which can go higher and higher, and will eventually cool down using its collar. Its Attack stat is the superior asset but aside from that, all that follows are all shallow; physical stunts are limited and its move goes weaker when it loses its power.

Flareon’s moves completely offered a low number of options, its attacks very limited while its hit points and speed were terrible. To create further damage to Flareon, its defense is in a dire state. However, if you are still on the quest to use this pokemon, then you can at least find redemption through its Flare Blitz and Superpower which to some degree can create vital damage to its opponent. But to be warned, using Flareon can turn out to be like using a rookie in a field of pros.


Continuing the hierarchy of terrible stats was Vaporeon which is basically a splash of weak attacks and turtle speed which can easily be taken out by a whip of Electric and Grass attacks.

As its weakness mostly became its identification, Vaporeon also offers some greatness with its monstrous 130 hit point stat paired with a 110 special attack, and notable healing phase making this pokemon at least a worthy companion. 

Vaporeon serves a dual role in the arena, first as a counter to threats and support through Wish, making it a good balance of attack and defense which evolved with the highest stat of stamina to break down any opponents along the way.

Just be mindful of using an accuracy set up of Hydro Pump with a Rain Dance to ensure the reliability of your attack.


Espeon is made popular in the second generation and has plenty of unique tools such as magic bounce and baton pass. Espeon’s ability might not be as awesome as Jolteon but its 110 speed can stand a chance. Espeon also guarantees a 130 special attack with Psychic-type moves, Shadow ball, and Dazzling Gleam. However, it also guarantees low HP, attack, and defense. 

As noted, Eevee’s evolutions are not fortunate to get a competitive skill, but Espeon might also be a decent pick. Espeon was named best by its flattering Magic Bounce ability which mirrors the moves used by its opponents for its own advantage. But a downhill for this pokemon is its undeniable weakling defense which is quite a signature for every Eevee evolution.


Adding to the Eevve family is the enthusiastic, perky, and ribbon-filled pokemon, Sylveon. Sylveon is a new entry in Eevee’s evolution which it relishes for over eight years and counting. This fairy-type pokemon gives all the credits to its 130 special defense which gives a decent deal against pokemon foe’s special attack. Although effective against dark and fighting pokemon styles, Sylveon has no stand in poison and steel type pokemon. 

As expected, the new add-on still, and will always be designed to be slow with an amazing record of reds. Sylveons attacks are greatly weakened; its defenses are not made better. But what makes this pokemon amazing in a positive aspect is its ability as a rare healer-like pokemon that moves like Heal Bell to give healing to the team. For more, characteristics like Hyper Voice to create decent damage to its foes and Moobblast’s same type attack bonus were also Sylveon’s great factors.


To give its final cut to the hierarchy of fragility, Leafeon evolves to be the bunch’s redeemer. But yet again, it was only great at offense and never in defense for its hit points are still down, making this grass-type pokemon a situational pick. Its hit point was a downgrade but its attack is a pass, along with its defense and qualifying speed.

To inject a little greatness in the bunch, Leafeon is a wild wall breaker with a 110 attack stat, which made it capable of breaking the bounds of the boundless Blissey with its supreme Leaf Blade and X-Scissors. Leafeon’s great defense, fortunately, can serve and endure whatever those walls will throw at any point. But never ever put out a Leafeon in an unfavorable position or it will guarantee destruction rather than victory.


Umbreon is the Eevee’s evolution tank for its 95 hit points, 110 defense, and an additional 130 special defense which is an amazing point for a pokemon. Set this pokemon in fury and it will produce an impressive poisonous sweat that will gladly blind the eye of the opponent.

If you don’t mind a slow battle for this pokemon is greatly passive, then Umbreon can be considered a decent pick. While Leafeon is designed to break the barriers, Umbreon on the other hand was made to block any threats and attacks like Chandelure and Poltergeist from wrecking your whole team. 

But as a necessity, Umbreon's defense will have to be boosted with Foul Play or it would surely go hopeless when deprived. Foul play allows the shady companion to take the opponent's attack stat into account which can put enemies like Darmanitan through the query.

To wrap up such an evaluation, we are alerted that Eevee is one of the shiniest pokemon in the eyes of all the fans. This ranking is merely a subjective discussion that will allow users to determine which  Eeveelution is a good pick in a given situation, thus, it was on your own understanding not to allow this discussion to be a fussy cloud in your judgment for we all grow up with a knowledge that Eevvee will always be one of the most memorable and fascinating designs made in the history of Pokemon.