Prepare to Bow Down as ‘Queen’ Releases on Netflix—Release Date, Trailer, and More…

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> Prepare to Bow Down as ‘Queen’ Releases on Netflix—Release Date, Trailer, and More…

Embark on a journey as a well-known drag performer and tailor from Paris goes back to Poland to reconcile with his daughter after a 50-year absence with ‘Queen’, soon to be available on Netflix.

The story of ‘Queen’, also known by its Polish name Królowa, centers on a famed Parisian tailor and former drag queen. To mend his bond with his daughter, she goes back to his homeland. Making apologies would be just one aspect of his trip back in time.

‘Queen’ Trailer and Plot

The trailer for ‘Queen’ is already available on the Netflix site and on Youtube. You can laso watch the trailer below:

In the official trailer, a tailor living in Paris named Sylwester is shown receiving a letter from his granddaughter about a medical issue. And so the narrative starts. He prepares his belongings for a trip that will transform his life and interpersonal connections.

From what it appears in the trailer, ‘Queen’ will be a relationship drama. Still, quite a bit of comedy is thrown into the narrative, though subtle. There will also be many dramatic moments and colorful costumes, and you can expect some good music too.

‘Queen’ Cast

‘Queen’ features -Andrzej Seweryn (Schindler's List), Maria Peszek (The Hexer), Julia Chetnicka (Erotica 2022), Antoni Porowski (Queer Eye), and Piotr Witkowski (Erotica 2022) as main characters. 

The cast also includes Keiona, Kova Réa, Himera Drag Queen, Véronique Bisciglia, Pawel Koslik, Bartlomiej Bobrowski, Lola Eyeonyou Potocki, Mariusz Zabkowski, Henryk Niebudek, Lukasz Rembas, Lucy d'Arc, and Soa de Muse in various roles.

‘Queen’ Release Date

Another interesting film has been added to Netflix's June 2022 list. The new Polish series, ‘Queen’, is due to premiere this week. ‘Queen’ is a beautiful family drama about the bond of a father and daughter, and finding your former self. ‘Queen’ releases on Netflix this Thursday, June 23, 2022. Queen only has four episodes, making it ideal for a relaxing weekend binge.

Behind the Scenes of ‘Queen’

The Netflix original drama series is written by the late Árni Ólafur Ásgeirsson (Undercurrent) and Kacper Wysocki (Klangor). Lukasz Kosmicki directs the series. Kosmicki is a famous Polish cinematographer, screenwriter, and director, who is known for previously directing The Coldest Game and The Dark House, among other movies and shows. He has also directed the television series Klangor and Ultraviolet. 

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