Plastic Surgery At Its Finest: 9 Mind-Blowing Operations


Plastic surgery has no boundaries we know that. People paying thousands of dollars to look like their idols, getting extensions, new hips, boobs and more. But some people chase the most interesting plastic surgeries to make themselves feel better. These 9 plastic surgeries will surely change your understanding of the whole thing.

1. Beard & moustache implant

It’s already a global phenomenon to have hair implants. So many people around the world actually travel to Turkey for this operation. But as we can see here, some people are taking this a step further. Beard implants are high in demand and many people around Europe and Arabic countries go for this operation. Some tour companies even organize the whole operation for you. This operation costs around $5000.

2. Changing the palm print

Especially people in Asia go for this operation. They do it mainly because it’s a common belief that your palm print is a reflection of your future. So in a way, people are changing their future with money. Do you really think you can come stronger, richer and healthier with a 15 minute surgery? Pshhh

3. Eye color change

So you changed basically each and every part of your body and now it’s time to change your eye color. There you have it. Your artificial iris will make you look much more handsome or beautiful. Get your brand new and colorful perspective in just under 30 minutes.

4. Poker face botox

Do you have a hard time hiding your feelings during intense poker games? Do you lose your face when you get a royal flush? Then all you need is 600-800 bucks and a poker face botox. Now you can go and be the next Dan Bilzerian!

5. Toe resizing

Are you unhappy with your toes when you wear flip flops? Do you have wearing open ended shoes? Advanced medical science has more in stock for you. With your brand new plastic surgery, you will have much more elegant toes. Some doctors are against this operation because of its side effects but then again, customer is always right!

6. Lip curves

How come you don’t get long and curvy lips like the Joker from Dark Knight? You can have your brand new lips with a much less painful and easy operation. Sexier smiles await!

7. Eyelid renewal

This is wildly popular among Asian population. South Korea is currently the best in this operation. This is sort of a circumcision but available to everyone and done much more delightfully. Each clinic in South Korea goes up to 100 operations a day!

8. Leg extensions

We honestly don’t know if this is plastic surgery but if you want to be a few inches taller, you’ve come to the right place. This is EXTREMELY painful and you will be bound to bed for quite some time. You must be really really bored and rich to go through this operation. Because it costs at least $85K!

9. Fake dimple

That beautiful dimple on popular models and actresses comes with a price. You can easily have your own dimple with a simple operation to your cheek muscles. No scars no nothing. But right after the operation your dimple will be there non-stop for a few days.

Bonus: Hair botox

This must be the biggest thing after Brazilian blowout. The operation is actually about adding more keratin to hair. This way, you can have much better hair for life!

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