Peacock Renews ‘The Traitors’ for Second Season: Who Was the Winner in Season One?

Peacock Renews ‘The Traitors’ for Second Season: Who Was the Winner in Season One?

Vivian Mwikali
February 04 2023 - 07:19pm

On Thursday Peacock announced that it would be renewing its thrilling competitive show, The Traitors for a second season. 

The news comes after the show's successful first season, which launched 10 episodes on January 12.

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‘The Traitors’ Premise

Based on the Dutch version, De Verraders, The Traitors follows twenty competitors tackling a sequence of challenges to win a grand cash prize. The players attempt to weed out the three traitors among them, who plan to steal the prize from the faithful. 

The Traitors' first season is hosted by the husky Scottish star Alan Cumming who will also return to jack up a new group of players in the second season. 

Peacock is touting The Traitors as its top original reality series. On the rating scale, the competition series scores 95% on Rotten Tomatoes and 7.7/10 on IMDb and has an audience likeability of 95%.

Who Were the Traitors in the First Season?

Season one of The Traitors is filled with drama, back-stubbing action and the mysterious exit of one contestant. 

After 10 amazing episodes, Cirie Fields (a previous contestant of Survivor: Panama) emerged at the top after stiff competition from finalists Andie Vanacore, a music service director, Quentin Jiles, a political analyst and Arie Luyendyk Jr., The Bachelorette alum (a faithful converted to a traitor later in the series). 

At the last banishment phase, the competitors had to choose whether to call it quits believing there were no more traitors or kick out one more player. While Andie, Arie and Quentin chose to end the game, Cirie opted to proceed and banished Arie.

Arie then threw in the towel and admitted he was a traitor. While the rest chose to end the game, Cirie finally revealed that she was a traitor and took home the full $250,000 jackpot. Her final triumph words were, 'I'm faithful at heart, but I'm a traitor in this game.'

Apart from Cirie and Arie, the other traitors were L.A. veteran Christian de la Torre (banished in episode 10) and Big Brother season 16 vet Cody Calafiore (banished in episode 7).

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‘The Traitors’ Special ‘Reunion’ Episode Loading

On top of the season 2 announcement, Peacock has scheduled a special 'Reunion' on Tuesday, February 28, hosted by radio and tv talk show host Andy Cohen. The reunion will feature the first season's contestants getting together since the scandalous finale. 

The Traitors is produced by Studio Lambert, with Jack Burgess, Mike Cotton, Sam Rees-Jones, Stephen Lambert and Tim Harcourt serving as executive producers.

Stephen Lambert Makes a Statement About ‘The Traitors’

Stephen Lambert, the CEO of Studio Lambert, has great things to say about The Traitors. 'We hugely enjoyed making the US version of this hit format with NBC and giving Peacock's audience a highly bingeable murder mystery game full of intrigue and dramatic twists.”

'This is the game which shows how people judge each other, often leaping to false conclusions, in a way that's revealing and entertaining. And we're excited to be making a second season with Alan as together we build on the success of the first,' concluded Lambert.

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