New K-Drama ‘Café Minamdang’ Debuts on Netflix—Release Date, Trailer, and More…

New K-Drama ‘Café Minamdang’ Debuts on Netflix—Release Date, Trailer, and More…

Pauline Nicole Sael
June 25 2022 - 06:15pm

An intriguing new television series centers on a suspicious café and its similarly suspicious customers.

Seo In-guk, Oh Yeon-seo, Kwak Si-yang, Kang Mi-na, and Kwon Soo-hyun are some of the cast members of the upcoming ‘Café Minamdang’ television series in South Korea. This K-Drama is based on a web novel by writer Jung Jae-ha entitled ‘Minamdang: Case Note’, which was published on KakaoPage and won the platform's web novel contest's highest award.

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‘Café Minamdang’ Trailer

The trailer for the upcoming Korean series ‘Café Minamdang’ is already available on Youtube. The trailer can also be watched below:

‘Café Minamdang’ Synopsis

A former profiler who converted to shamanism and his coworkers are followed as mysterious events unfold in the series. It also chronicles the story of Minamdang, a dubious café, and its clients.

Former criminal profiler Nam Han-Joon now works as a fraudster. He operates the fortune teller shop Minamdang and disguises himself as a fortune teller for his con tricks. His appealing physical features and slick speaking abilities draw clients to the shop.

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He scams his clients out of their money, but he also gets interested in their situations and assists them in their resolve. Even his clients receive customer service from him. Soo-Cheol and Nam Hye-Joon are partners. Nam Hye-Joon is the younger sister of Nam Han-Joon and operates a private detective agency with Soo-Cheol. She's a top-tier hacker.

For three years, Han Jae-Hee has been a detective. She strives to live a moral life and is passionate about her work. Han Jae-Hee and Nam Han-Joon develop feelings in some way.

‘Café Minamdang’ Cast

‘Café Minamdang’ features the following as the main cast:

  • Seo In-Guk as Nam Han-Joon

  • Oh Yeon-Seo as Han Jae-Hee

  • Kwak Si-Yang as Gong Soo-Cheol

  • Kang Mi-Na as Nam Hye-Joon

  • Kwon Soo-Hyun as Cha Do-Won

For the supporting roles, ‘Café Minamdang’ features the following:

  • Jonathan is played by Baek Seo-hoo and works part-time at Minamdang.

  • A fifteen-year seasoned investigator, Jung Man-sik plays Jang Doo-jin.

  • Kim Sang-hyeop, played by Heo Jae-ho, is a dedicated detective.

  • Na Kwang-tae, played by Jung Ha-joon, is a rookie detective.

  • Kim Cheol-geun, the police chief, is played by Jung Eun-pyo.

  • Lee Min-kyung, a VVIP client of Minamdang, is played by Hwang Woo-seul-hye.

  • Park Jin-sang, the director of Joyce Entertainment, is played by Baek Seung-ik.

  • Kim Byung-soon plays Park Dong-gi, who is Jin-father sang's and the head of a real estate insurance firm.

  • Aunt Im, played by Jung Da-eun, is a mystery fate teller.

  • Won Hyun-jun plays as Gu Tae-soo

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‘Café Minamdang’ Release Date

‘Café Minamdang’ releases on Netflix next week. The series will be available for streaming this coming Monday, June 27, 2022.

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