Netflix’s ‘True Spirit’ Airs Jessica Watson’s Story on Screen Once More

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> Netflix’s ‘True Spirit’ Airs Jessica Watson’s Story on Screen Once More

A new movie is cooking for Tudum fans named True Spirit. The movie is based on the true-life story of Jessica Watson, who, at 16 years in 2009, sailed alone, continuously, and independently around the world for 210 days.

Netflix has been working on its family and true-life inspiration movies, and True Spirit marks its newest addition. Sarah Spillane, who directed the film and worked on the screenplay, expressed her excitement in a statement. 

“I am happy and honored to be trusted with presenting Jessica’s special journey before the screen. Jessica’s determination and persistent fight to beat the records and attain her dream in a sector that men rule inspired me to adapt the story. That made her a unique inspiration for many, more so young women across the world.”

What’s ‘True Spirit’ About?

After the triumphant 2009 incident, Jessica Watson received plenty of acknowledgements, including from Kevin Rudd, the then Australian Prime Minister. Several producers and writers developed Jessica’s story in the form of a documentary 210 Days and recently a film, True Spirit, on Netflix

Netflix’s True Spirit will tell the story of Jessica through Teagan Croft, revealing the challenges she underwent to complete her journey around the world. The movie evokes aspects of survival, hope, love, and determination toward achieving one’s dreams, no matter the struggles.

What’s in the ‘True Spirit’s Official Trailer?

The one-week-old official trailer on Netflix’s main YouTube Channel illustrates Jessica Watson, played by Teagan Croft deep in the seas with her foot vessel. 

Evidently, Jessica’s journey was no joke, but the ending was worth every struggle.

Who are the Creators of ‘True Spirit’?

Debra Martin Chase produced True Spirit with Sarah Spillane on the screenplay and as the director. 

Other creators are Danny Ruhlmann (photography director), Veronika Jenet (editor), Georgina Marquis and Shahen Mekertichian (chief producers), and Susan Cartsonis and Andrew Fraser (co-producers).

Who Stars in ‘True Spirit’?

Teagan Croft portrays the incredible Jessica Watson, alongside Todd Lasance as Craig Atherton, Stacy Clausen as Tom Watson, Vivien Turner, Anna Paquin as Julie Watson, Bridget Webb as Emily Watson, Josh Lawson as Roger Watson, and Cliff Curtis as Ben Bryant.

When is ‘True Spirit’ Coming Out?

True Spirit will premiere on Friday, February 3, 2023, running for 1 hour and 49 minutes. 

The film will be available exclusively on Netflix at $9.99, $15.49, and $19.99 for monthly basic, standard, and premium streaming plans.