Netflix’s ‘Daughter from Another Mother’ Season 3 Makes for the Perfect Christmas Watch!

Netflix’s ‘Daughter from Another Mother’ Season 3 Makes for the Perfect Christmas Watch!

Vivian Mwikali
December 18 2022 - 08:09pm

The substantial streaming service provider, Netflix, is back with another season of Fernando Sariñana and Carolina Rivera’s comedy-drama, Daughter from Another Mother. 

The show premiered on Netflix in January 2021 for the first season, while the second season came in December of the same year. 

Over the two seasons, Daughter from Another Mother gained massive views and reviews, shown through 7.3 out of 10 stars on IMDb. 

The Mexican series was renewed for the third season on January 4th, 2022, and it’s set to launch late this December.

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What’s ‘Daughter from Another Mother’ Season Three About?

Sariñana and Rivera’s project generally chronicles the story of two diverse mothers whose babies are exchanged at birth. After discovering the surprising news, the pair plans to create a single family and raise both daughters. 

The previous season left a lot of pending details for its successor to handle. For instance, fans expect to get more information on Teresa’s pregnancy and how Mariana will react. 

The upcoming season will also limelight Mariana and Ana’s relationship after the two made it public at the Konene app launch ceremony and kissed right on the stage.

Is There a Trailer for Season Three of ‘Daughter from Another Mother’?

Yes. Netflix Latino América posted the trailer for its upcoming Daughter from Another Mother season three approximately two weeks ago, in the Spanish language. 

Check it out!

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Who Created ‘Daughter from Another Mother’?

Daughter from Another Mother is a Mexican project by Carolina Rivera and Fernando Sariñana, produced by Perro Azul Production Company. 

The show is written by Carlos G. Sariñana, alongside Analeine Cal Mayor as the director and Camilo Froideval in the music department.

Who Plays Who in ‘Daughter from Another Mother’ Season Three?

Most of the faces from the previous seasons will be returning for season three, including Paulina Goto (Mariana), Ludwika Paleta (Ana), Liz Gallardo (Teresa), Martín Altomaro (Juan Carlos), Emilio Beltrán (Rodrigo), and Dalexa Meneses (Ceci). 

Other characters are Carmen Delgado (Laura, the lawyer), Elena del Río (Cynthia), Javier Ponce (Pablo), Oka Giner (Elena), and Lisa Owen (Romelia, Ana’s mom).

When is ‘Daughter from Another Mother’ Season Three Launching?

Netflix decided to send some Christmas gifts to its fans, including season three of Daughter from Another Mother. 

The show will launch on Sunday, December 25th 2022, with approximately eight to nine episodes like its predecessors.

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