Netflix Has Dropped The Coming-Of-Age LGBTQ Drama ‘Heartstopper’ This April

Netflix Has Dropped The Coming-Of-Age LGBTQ Drama ‘Heartstopper’ This April

Pauline Nicole Sael
April 12 2022 - 03:15am

'Heartstopper' is a Netflix-produced British coming-of-age romance television series based on Alice Oseman's web comic and graphic novel of the same name.

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Love, friendship, loyalty, and mental illness are all themes throughout the series. It contains all of Nick and Charlie's minor stories that add up to something bigger.

Heartstopper (Season 1): Release Date

The series will premiere on Netflix worldwide on 22 April 2022 with eight 30-minute episodes .

Heartstopper (Season 1): Teaser

Netflix has published a teaser for 'Heartstopper,' which depicts gentle Charlie meeting rugby-loving Nick, as well as all the turmoil, fun, and troubles at their school.

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Heartstopper (Season 1): Plot Summary

Nick Nelson and Charlie Spring, two British teenagers, attend an all-boys grammar school.

Charlie, a high-strung, openly gay overthinker, and Nick, a happy, soft-hearted rugby player, are forced to sit next to each other in class one day.

For openly gay Charlie, their friendship quickly evolves into something more, but he initially doubts his chances with Nick.

However, love has an unexpected way of working, and Nick is more interested in Charlie than any of them thought.

Heartstopper (Season 1): Cast

  • Joe Locke as Charlie Spring

  • Kit Connor as Nick Nelson

  • William Gao as Tao Xu

  • Yasmin Finney as Elle Argent

  • Corinna Brown as Tara Jones

  • Kizzy Edgell as Darcy Olsson

  • Sebastian Croft as Ben Hope

  • Cormac Hyde-Corrin as Harry Greene

  • Rhea Norwood as Imogen Heaney

  • Tobie Donovan as Isaac Henderson

  • Jenny Walser as Tori Spring

  • Fisayo Akinade as Mr. Ajayi

  • Chetna Pandya as Coach Singh

  • Alan Turkington as Mr. Lange

Heartstopper (Season 1): Production Details

In July 2019, See-Saw Films acquired the television rights to Heartstopper.

Netflix announced on January 20, 2021 that it had commissioned an 8-and-a-half-hour first season, with Oseman as writer and Euros Lyn as director and executive producer.

Patrick Walters, Jamie Laurenson, Hakan Kousetta, Iain Canning, and Emile Sherman are also executive producers, with Zorana Piggott as producer. Tim Dickel did the production design, Maxwell Fine did the series set decoration, and Zoe Seiffert did the props.

Are you looking forward to the release of 'Heartstopper’ on Netflix on April 22nd?? Let us know in the comments below.

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