Nas Unveils Track List of Upcoming 'King's Disease III' Album

> Nas Unveils Track List of Upcoming 'King's Disease III' Album

Nas has revealed the track list of his upcoming album, 'King's Disease III,' which is set for a release day of this Friday November 11th.

The album, which sees the legendary East Coast rhymer join forces with producer Hit-Boy, will be released on the Mass Appeal record label.

The project will mark the fourth studio album that Nas, real name Nasir Jones, and Hit-Boy have teamed up to create.

The Grammy nominated duo previously worked together on 'Kings Disease I' in 2020 and 'King's Disease II,' in 2021 as well as the album 'Magic,' also dropped last year.

Nas unveiled the track list for the duo's latest release on social media on Wednesday earlier this week.

The artist simply tweeted '11.11,' along with an image of the track list.

The album will consist of a mammoth 16 songs as well as a bonus track, titled 'Til my Last Breath.'

It is unclear whether the track list image, which features a black and white photograph of Nas, will be used as the official cover art on the studio album.

Unlike previous offerings from Nas, the album's track list does not list any features on the tape.

Similarly, Hit-Boy is the sole producer.

Days before the rapper has tweeted out a short video of him and Hit-boy working together in the studio, presumably working on the upcoming release.

The first word of this third iteration of the King's disease series of albums the pair have produced came when Nas tweeted out an image of three gold bars, each inscribed with 'KD3' on a red background in mid-October.

The foreground of the image featured the same date as the album's release, '11.11.'

The duo's first 'King's Disease' album peaked at number 5 on the US charts, selling 47,000 units.

That album went on to win Nas his first Grammy in the shape of Best Rap Album, his first of Grammy in a long career.

Nas and Hit-boy's second offering in 2021 hit 56,000 in unit equivalent sales.

'King's Disease II' peaked at number three in the Billboard 200 charts while it reached number one in the R&B/ Hip hop charts as well as the US Rap charts.

A third album in the series will mark Nas' 16th studio album alongside a group album he released as part of 'The Firm,' in 1997 and a collab album in 2010 with Damian Marley, titled 'distant Relatives.'

His first album, the widely praised 'Illmatic,' came way back in 1994 when he was just 21 years old.