Men From 10 Different Countries All Rated For Your Pleasure!


We don't know why we did this, but you are way more likely to come across guys from different countries given the rising globalization. We just wanted you to know more about them before you hook up with international guys. Here are guys from 10 different countries! We also would like to kindly remind you that there are always exceptions, so keep an open mind if you are a woman. If you are a man, please don't get pissed off, we are just having fun here.

P.S.: Don't let the photos raise your expectations too much, we picked the especially yummy ones!

1. Russian Guys:

If you want a man with pink cheeks, red nose, fair skin; thin and blond hair; who spends most of his day consuming vodka, we welcome you to the Russian men department. They aren't very possessive but can fight against 10 others for their love. They have problems listening to women, as well as anger management; but they will never let their anger turn into violence against you. They have fierce discussions, which are likely to turn into fights. They aren't that good at paying compliments and their intonation can be off-putting even if they do. Don't expect them to make small surprises for you and save yourself from disappointment. It could be because of the very beautiful Russian girls, but they are very picky. They know how to have fun, but might also forget about you while having fun. In general, they like drinking, picking fights, are moderate lovers, have good bodies, but not that WOW faces. Average boyfriend point is 5.5/10.

2. Italian men

Are you looking for a man who is handsome, well-kept; who always pays you compliments and looks like adores you? If you don't care that much about how saucy they are, how their eyes scan around like a radar, how they aren't that good at anything except sex; Italian guys are perfect for you! They are great talkers and can promise you romantic moments. You won't be their whole world, they are also pretty fond of their family. Also, they do talk pretty loudly. They are likely to disappoint because women generally tend to expect too much from these guys. The only disadvantage these guys have is actually their reputation, which exceeds reality. They are good in bed, have good bodies and skin. Average boyfriend point: 7/10.

3. French men

Looking for an introverted, mysterious guy who doesn't like talking bullsh*t, follows the trends, reads and watches a lot, well-kept, knows how what they say might affect others, and who is very likely to say "Let's just cuddle and sleep tonight?" Go get a French guy! They are incredibly kind, thoughtful and good listeners; but also a bit arrogant, know-it-all and very picky. As you might guess from the expression "French kissing," they are very good kissers and they can work magic with their tongues. They are weirdly shy, but they know how to give you a good time and make you laugh. They have a friendly and compassionate personality. They are made for love, but unfortunately not for sex. If you don't expect much in bed and can settle for a bottle of wine and nice words, you should definitely hook up with a French guy. Average boyfriend point: 6.5/10

4. Scandinavian men

No body hair, well-built; awesome smile with white teeth... If you need a guy that embraces you tightly, you should try a Scandinavian man. They believe in equality, everybody pays for their own check, they don't walk you home, and you also split the gas money after a road trip. They aren't pro marriage, but love adventures, seeing new places, meeting new people and their freedom. Don't be fooled by the fact that their forefathers were Vikings, because they aren't that good in bed, unlike Scandinavian women. Shortly, don't go for a Scandinavian boyfriend unless you found a really good one. Boyfriend score: 5/10

5. German guys

German men are disciplined, punctual, strict, normative, resistant to change, in love with beer, well-built, fair skinned and smart. They are the most scared of being attached to someone, but once they trust you and get attached, you two will have an amazing relationship. They are also know-it-all, sometimes rude, shameless but very good in bed. However, how they act in bed might be disturbing as they love trying different things. They love living alone, that's why it might take a while for you to become a part of their lives. They are also very frugal, which can be misinterpreted as being cheap. They know that life is mutual and participate in housework. These guys are pretty hardworking, and love their freedom. They are also pretty helpful while raising a child together. They take good care of themselves, but are sometimes shy and monotonous. Average boyfriend score: 7.5/10.

6. Greek men

They have high self-esteem and are assertive. They will steal your heart thanks to their warm, Mediterranean personality. They talk a lot and listen little; and are not WOW in bed. Young Greek men are very well-kept but they kinda give up when they reach a certain age. They are good at cooking and score 6.5/10.

7. American dudes

Don't be fooled by what you see in movies and on tv. They aren't usually as athletic, assertive, romantic and thoughtful. They can be pretty rude, thoughtless, poorly-groomed and fat. Actually, as it is very difficult to come across a real American man, the generalizations may not be that accurate. Most of the time, when we assume that a man is American, he is mostly Australian, Mexican, Spanish, Puerto-Rican, Canadian, English, etc. American guys have no manners and no idea about how to live in a society. If you warn them about anything at all, they become rude and harsh. Once they are done with work, their hobby is to sleep their ass off. They don't become possessive, because it is difficult for them to take somebody in their life. They love their freedom, rarely do housework and are messy. Average boyfriend score: 6/10

8. Japanese men

Respectful, tiny, cheerful and shy... They speak fast and are excitable. No matter how shy they are, they also have a rude side. They are fond of their traditions and family; into technology and know how to be happy with little, but they unfortunately they aren't that much fun, and their sense of humor kinda sucks. They are helpful and love sex, however they can be very weird in bed and want to try inappropriate things. They can be rough and speak loudly. Average boyfriend score: 6/10

9. Spanish guys

They are friendly, good-looking, well-groomed, thoughtful and romantic men who talk rather fast. Of course, not all of them are like this, but make sure to get one that has these characteristics, because the good ones are plenty! They can charm the sh*t out of you by reciting a poem. They like partying. They will do anything to win your heart but that guy may as well turn into a macho, rude and dull man once they have you. They are mostly amiable, compassionate and womanizers. They don't like talking around things, they are pretty direct and straightforward. These guys would ask you if you want to party as soon as they learn your name. They are good in bed and will make you feel special. They will conquer your heart not only with their good looks, but also with their words, sympathy and jokes. Boyfriend point: 7.5/10

10. Czech dudes

Mature, silent, thoughtful guys who are into their freedom and have no prejudices. They are barely jealous, have high self-esteem, are well-built, good-looking well kept well-kept. They have sharp face lines and prominent eyes but are also arrogant and domineering. They don't talk or possess much, and are never jealous. They like alcohol but aren't that fun. They are also not that good in bed. Boyfriend score: 5.5/10

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