Meet Casie Colson Baker: Machine Gun Kelly's Daughter

> Meet Casie Colson Baker: Machine Gun Kelly's Daughter

Rapper and Rock musician Machine Gun Kelly (real name Richard Colson Baker) may be known for spitting out savage songs like Rap Devil(his diss to grammy award winning Eminem) or Go for Broke, but he has shown nothing but sweetness for his newly adopted daughter, Casie Colson Baker. 

Next to his engagement to one of Hollywood’s stunning beauties Megan Fox, Casie may be the next most googled name attached to MGK. 

The online community couldn’t help but swoon as the father-daughter tandem walked the red carpet together in the 2021 American Music Awards. It was truly a special moment for MKG who grabbed the favorite rock artist award.

Here are top 10 fun facts for Machine Gun Kelly’s only daughter

Here are top 10 fun facts for Machine Gun Kelly’s only daughter

Machine Gun Kelly’s ex-girlfriend Emma Cannon had Casie when she was 18 years old.

Machine Gun Kelly is on good terms with Casie’s mom, Emma. He even took to social media to give a shoutout to his ex, calling her “an amazing mum.”

Cassie’s mom, Emma and MGK met at a Blink-182 concert when they were teens.

Cassie was born in 2009 which means she will officially become a teen on the 24th of July.

Casie made her red carpet debut alongside her dad at the 2017 Nickelodeon Kids Awards. Isn’t she pretty in pink?

For Father’s Day 2021, Casie made her dad a personalized card and pink crown with the letters D-A-D. MGK may have a tough image, but he gamely wore it and posted some snaps wearing a matching jumpsuit.

MGK and Casie have really struck a chord with their fans. They even made an Instagram fan page dedicated to the two called Casie and Colson Baker.

Casie has hung out with MGK’s fiance, Megan Fox. Looking every bit like a happy family, the three shared a snap of themselves hanging out in a coffee shop in Cleveland.

Casie lives in Cleveland, Ohio with her dad who also happens to be her gym buddy.

Casie’s voice has been featured in at least two of MGK's songs- Everyday, and El Diablo. Is this a prelude to a singing career following in her father’s footsteps? Only time will tell.

Casie will be having her movie debut with her father in the soon-to-be released thriller “One Way.” Other cast members include Kevin Bacon and Travis Fimmel(popular for his role as Ragnar Lothbrok from the History Channel’s “Vikings”) . That’s pretty remarkable for a film debut, but can we expect anything less for MGK's princess?