Malaysia, Truly Asia: 10 Funny Facts About The One And Only Gem In Asia!

Malaysia, Truly Asia: 10 Funny Facts About The One And Only Gem In Asia!

March 24 2017 - 11:54am

Malaysia is not just famous for its beaches, buildings, foods and culture. It is also famous for its unique habits which Malaysians have. Different people, amazing habits. The adjectives which describe Malaysia. But most importantly, FUNNY.

1. "Durian" is not just a fruit in Malaysia, it is a way of life, it is a lifestyle.

Durian is a very popular fruit in Malaysia and the 'Duri' means spike in Malaysian. This spiky name does not only refer to its physical appearance but also its spiky smell.  Some even say that if you smell durian too much you can get high..

2. "Selipar" can haunt you in Malaysia.

Malaysia is a very hot country and people usually wear selipar(flip-flops) . However, Malaysians take this little bit far. Selipar(flip-flops) are fashionable in every occasion. Wherever you go flip-flops!!!!

 I have even seen someone in a wedding wearing flip-flops with tuxedo...

3. Want to be a boss? Go to Malaysia.

The word 'boss' has a general usage in Malaysian daily life language.  People call everybody boss.. I mean literally everybody... 

You wanna ask for the check? 

- Boss; check please?

You wanna ask for the price of that shoes?

- Boss; how much is that?


4. Pasar Malam where the neighbourhood meets.

4. Pasar Malam where the neighbourhood meets.

Pasar malam means night bazaar in Malaysian. Unlike regular bazaar, pasar malam is mostly about foods. Shortly, if your neighbor is famous for his/her noddles, then probably he/she will be there, selling noddles. Quality food meets street food concept.. Terrific!!

Cheap And Yummy!

5. Official language of Malaysia : MANGLISH

It is not English, it is not Malaysian. It is Manglish. Malaysians love putting English words in Malaysian sentences.  You do not have to know Malaysian to talk with a Malaysian. You can predict what he/ she is saying . Just listen closely there are familiar words in there...

6. Boiling outside, freezing inside.

It is about 100 Degrees Celcius outside but when you enter in a building.. Brrrrrr You need to bring two types clothes with you. Bring your coat and bring your shorts. Such a dilemma.. If you look closely you may find snow flakes in shopping malls...

7. You have bed cravings? You came to the right place.

Food never sleeps in Malaysia. Especially 'Mamak' restaurants are generally open for 24 hours and you can find different varieties of cuisine from lamb chops to noddles, from french fries to seafood. Most importantly, these restaurants are full with people so when go to a restaurant 3 in the morning ordering double lamb chops with large fries, people do not look at you awkwardly..

8. It is not "Cell Phone", it is "Hand Phone".

My favorite word; 'HAND PHONE'. Hand phone is actually a word used for cell phone in Malaysia. It actually makes sense, cell phones are the phones in your hand all the time..

9. Sometimes words are not enough in Malaysia.

Some reactions need more than words in Malaysia. You can hear reactions like 'AIYOOOOO' or 'OYOYOY' and all have their own meanings. 

For example, 'AIYOOO' is the sound you make when you are not happy with the situation you are facing.

10. Motorcycle jackets: New age of fashion

Reverse jackets are essential in Malaysia. It is a part of motorcycle culture. I think if you buy a motorcycle in Malaysia, it comes with a reverse jacket.

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