Lil Uzi Vert Net Worth: How Rich is The Rapper?

Lil Uzi Vert Net Worth: How Rich is The Rapper?

Kimjun Demo
November 06 2022 - 06:07am

Kanye West, Gucci Mane, and The Weekend—are the noisy names that Lil Uzi Vert has collaborated with in the music industry that helped him build his fame and wealth when he was still an early bloomer.

Uzi Main Vert's album and songs have been peaking on the Billboard charts for almost two years now. He also does tours and concerts, and those are what made him one of the 20 highest-paid rappers of all time.

Thus, how much money does he exactly have? And what is his real name? And what is the story behind his stage name, 'Uzi Main Vert'?

The answers will reveal themselves as you continue reading this article.

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Symere Woods was brought into the world by his parents on July 31, 1995, in North Philadelphia's Francisville neighborhood. Because they listened to Jones and the Ying Yang Twins while growing up, they initially purchased his debut album. Later, Woods began to listen to artists like Wiz Khalifa and Meek Mill, whose future musical styles influenced them. They were 'big Marilyn Manson fans' when they were 13 years old and started listening to Paramore, Smash Mouth, The Rocket Summer, Simian, My Chemical Romance, and The All-American Rejects. Their favorite album is Mechanical Animals.

Woods, Aston, and another classmate formed the rap group Steaktown when they were in high school. Word started rapping, describing themselves as a 'normal kid; I didn't really want to rap.' Woods left the group when he was 17 years old.

After four days, Woods left their job at a bottom-dollar store and was kicked out of their mother's home. Woods stopped attending school and soon after started working there. By getting their first face tattoo—the word 'Faith'—under their hairline, the experience inspired Woods to take their rap career seriously.

Woods mistook them for a 1995 baby until they revealed on Twitter in July 2021 that their birth certificate was actually from a different year.

After learning that someone had compared his rap flow to being 'rapid, like a machine gun,' Woods changed his name to Lil Uzi Vert. On January 19, 2014, he put out his debut EP, 'Purple Thoughtz Vol. 1,' whose production The Guardian called 'psychedelic' and 'trippy,' and whose song 'White Shit' had a video that went viral in 2017, after Woods had become well-known. Woods drew the attention of ASAP Mob producer Don Cannon after the initial release of his album. Woods' first mixtape, titled 'The Real Uzi,' was created by Cannon for his The Academy label and made available to the public in August 2014. Following that, Woods signed a recording deal with Atlantic Records and made an appearance on the track 'WWDW' by Carnage.

Additionally, Woods shared a number of songs produced by Metro Boomin on SoundCloud and joined Fall Out Boy and Wiz Khalifa on their 'Boys of Summer' tour in late 2017. His second mixtape, titled 'Luv is Rage,' was released to the public on October 20, 2015. Woods was declared a 'breakout artist of 2015' by HotNewHipHop.

In 2016, Woods posted a song on his SoundCloud called 'Money Longer.' The song debuted at No. 92 and reached its peak at No. 54 on the Billboard Hot 100. A 2x Platinum certification was obtained. The unrest occurred during Woods' performance at SXSW in March 2016. 'Lil Uzi Vert vs. the World,' Uzi's third mixtape and the first to be sold for money, debuted at position 37 on the Billboard 200 chart and spent 55 weeks there. Finally, the record received a gold certification. Woods and Kodak Black produced the Parental Advisory Tour in May 2016. That summer, Uzi was selected as one of the ten 2016 XXL freshmen.
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After debuting at No. 89 in July 2016, Woods' second song to appear on the Billboard 200 chart, 'You Was Right,' peaked at No. 40. The Perfect LUV Tape, his fourth mixtape, was released the same month as his 22nd birthday and featured the singles 'Seven Million' and 'Erase Your Social,' which both failed to chart on the Billboard Hot 100. After learning that someone had compared his rap flow to being 'rapid, like a machine gun,' Woods changed his name to Lil Uzi Vert. On January 19, 2014, he put out his debut EP, 'Purple Thoughtz Vol. 1,' whose production The Guardian called 'psychedelic' and 'trippy,' and whose song 'White Shit' had a video that went viral in 2017, after Woods had become well-known. 

He had an appearance on the Migos song 'Bad & Boujee' in August 2016. When the song peaked at No. 1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in January 2017, it was Uzi's first top-charting single as a solo or featured artist and his highest-charting single overall. In February 2017, while on tour with The Weeknd, Woods dropped the EP 'Luv is Rage 1.5,' which was highlighted by the SoundCloud success of the two standout songs titled 'Luv Scars K.O. 1600' and 'XO Tour Llif3.' These songs were declared platinum and peaked at No. 7 in the charts.

'Luv Is Rage 2,' Lil Uzi Vert's long-awaited and widely anticipated debut studio album, was ultimately released in August 2017. 'XO Tour Llif3,' the album's lead single, peaked at number ten. Platinum-certified, the album debuted at No. 1 on the charts.

In December 2019, Uzi released 'Futsal Shuffle 2020,' the lead single from his upcoming second studio album, 'Eternal Atake.' On March 6, 2020, 'Eternal Awake' became accessible one week early. It debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 at the beginning of 2020 and received 400 million streams, making it the album with the most streams since 2008. In the summer of 2020, Lil Uzi worked with Future on the album 'Pluto x Baby Pluto,' and he also had an appearance on a remix of StaySoldOut's 'Party Girl.' On April 24, 2020, Uzi released the song 'Sasuke.' This is his first new song since the deluxe edition of 'Eternal Awake.'

Personal Life

Woods dated fashion designer Brittany Byrd from 2014 to 2017. When Byrd first met Woods, she was a student at the Parsons School of Design in New York City, where she had relocated from California. Woods penned several songs about Byrd after first making reference to her in the song 'New York Nights at 21' from Luv Is Rage.

Woods released a song titled 'Stole Your Luv' on June 26, 2017, to announce the end of his relationship with Byrd. She is well-liked among Woods' fans, and she also made an appearance in the music video for his breakthrough song, 'Money Longer.' Since 2019, Woods has been dating JT of the hip-hop group City Girls.

After rapper Lil Peep died of an accidental fentanyl overdose, Woods said they were quitting narcotics and trying to stay sober.

In order to start a foundation against gun violence that would help XXXTentacion's family and unborn child, Woods appealed to other rappers for support on social media after his friend, the rapper and performer XXXTentacion, was killed.

In July 2022, Woods switched their Instagram pronouns from they to they/them. This was then confirmed by their representative in a message to Pitchfork.

Lil Uzi Vert Net Worth

In America, Lil Uzi Vert is a highly known figure and a very successful musician. He is well-recognized for his raps, which many children and adults find to be quite enjoyable. Vert began his career in 2012, but it wasn't until 2015 that he gained widespread media attention following the signing of a record deal with Atlantic Records.

Later, he put out a number of songs and albums that were fairly popular. With his creations, he experienced enormous commercial success. Lil Uzi Vert has accumulated good fortune; his current market value is believed to be $28 million. With this money, he started to live an extravagant lifestyle and owned real estate properties and a collection of sports cars such as Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Dodge Challenger, and more.

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