Lil Baby's New Album Opens With Career-Best Sales

> Lil Baby's New Album Opens With Career-Best Sales

Lil Baby's new album 'Its Only Me,' has topped the Billboard 200 music charts in the USA, with the highest number of first-week sales if his career to date.

Billboard has the Atlanta artist's release recorded as selling 216,000 album equivalent units in its first week on the shelves.

The rapper's project debuted at number 1 in the Billboard charts and 209,000 of its unit sales came from SEA (Streaming Equivalent Albums) units, which means the songs from the LP have been streamed around 88.97 million times.

The album's figures so far means it is up there with the top hip hop releases of this year.

At current, it is the third most successful rap album in sales. behind Kendrick Lamar's 'Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers,' and 'I Never Liked You,; by Future.

That means that Lil Baby has outsold some of the genre's biggest names this year, outdoing Drake's 'Honestly, Never Mind,' which only garnered 204,000 units sold in its debut week.

Lil Baby's newest release was dropped on the 14th of October, and saw tracks assisted by the likes of Young Thug, Future, Jeremih and Fridayy.

Pooh Shiesty Nardo Wick, EST Gee and Rylo Rodriguez also feature on songs on the project.

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Speaking on a recent interview with 'The Experience Podcast,' Lil Baby revealed that despite his success, he 'wasn't happy,' for a long time.

“I had a lot of shit I was going through,” Lil Baby said.

“Getting adjusted to this sh, changing, having to stop being around people I’m used to being around, doing sh I used to be doing … Adapting to my new environment put me in a dark spot for a minute,” the rapper explained

“Really starting everything over, all the way down to your thoughts,' he added.

'Now you really gotta tell yourself, ‘You can’t think like that no more.’ That sh* can be a little depressing.”

That may have changed in recent times though, the Atlanta hitmaker also revealed that he now charges $350,000 or more to artists looking for him to write a verse on their songs.

The figure has multiplied from the $100,000 figure he was quoted as charging two years ago.

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Lil Baby's last album, titled 'My Turn,' debuted at number 1 in the Billboard charts in 202, but sold far less in its opening week by comparison to his latest release/

The project opened with 197,000 album-equivalent units in its first week, according to Billboard, where it topped the chart for five weeks.