Kit and Sam Reunite for more Missions in ‘The Creature Cases’ Season 2

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> Kit and Sam Reunite for more Missions in ‘The Creature Cases’ Season 2

Netflix is back with the second season of The Creature Cases, months after it launched the first season. 

The Creature Cases season one premiered in April 2022, with twelve episodes. The installment managed a whopping 5 out of 5 stars on Common Sense Media and 8.2 out of 10 stars on IMDb, which gave the show its second season renewal sooner than imagined.

What’s ‘The Creature Cases’ Season Two About?

The Creature Cases is a British-French kids-family and action-adventure show following two special agents, Kit, and Sam, as they navigate across the planet earth to solve puzzles of the animal kingdom. The pair uses their detective skills and zoology knowledge throughout the mission. 

Season one of The Creature Cases saw Sam and Kit collect clues to find several suspects across the kingdom, from who bit the express train’s operator, the missing mice squad, the lost bee to the fruit snatcher, and the missing baby monkey, among other mysteries. 

The upcoming season of The Creature Cases will proceed with more puzzles to be solved by the duo. It starts with Sam and Kit finalizing a case near the North Pole involving a lost reindeer. 

On the other side, the other animals organize a gift for the pair when it returns. Scenes at the North Pole are challenging but never a reason for Sam and Kit to give up. You cannot afford to miss the entire mission when the season premieres.

Who Creates ‘The Creature Cases’?

The Creature Cases is created by Gabe Pulliam, alongside Adam Idelson and Kurt Mueller as the chief producers. Silvergate Media and French Studio Team To are the organizations behind the series’ success.

Who Casts ‘The Creature Cases’ Season Two?

The second season of The Creature Cases boasts several characters similar to its predecessor’s, including Nneka Okoye voicing Kit Casey, Shash Hira voicing Sam Snow, Joseph Balderrama as Pink Fair Armadillo, Jules de Jongh, Kerry Shale, Alex Woodhall, and Darren Foreman. 

Other cast members include Marcel McCalla, Rob Rackstraw as R.O.N., and Teresa Gallagher voicing Major Scratch.

When is ‘The Creature Cases’ Season Two Debuting?

The Creature Cases season two will launch exclusively on Netflix on Tuesday, November 29th. 

Although the streamer hasn’t revealed the number of episodes the upcoming season will contain, the possibilities of twelve episodes are higher to follow its predecessor’s trend.