Kevin McHale and Other ‘Glee’ Stars Express Strong Opinions About Investigation Discovery’s Docuseries ‘The Price of Glee’

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> Kevin McHale and Other ‘Glee’ Stars Express Strong Opinions About Investigation Discovery’s Docuseries ‘The Price of Glee’

The world of Glee has come under the public's radar again for the umpteenth time owing to Investigation Discovery's soon-to-be-released The Price of Glee which tackles the controversies of the cheery hit teen musical show Glee

Some of the show's main cast have expressed strong feelings concerning the making of the show, including backlashing the docuseries for resurrecting unpleasant memories.

Find out what the Glee vets have to say below.

‘The Price of Glee’ Premise

The three-episode ID documentary follows the “curse” of the show that caused the demise of three main casts, Cory Monteith, Mark Salling and Naya Rivera. 

It features supposed interviews with the cast and crew members about their experiences while shooting the Fox musical drama. 

The Price of Glee is slated for a January 16 2023 release on discovery+. 

However, the controversial documentary series has come under fire for exploitation for financial gain.

Kevin McHale Denounces ‘The Price of Glee’

Kevin McHale denied any association with The Price of Glee, expressing on Twitter that the show is trash and that none of Glee's cast members has been corroborated for the docuseries. 

Indeed, The Price of Glee's official trailer, which was released three days ago, doesn't indicate interviews with any of the main casts, but other digressive parties of interest like Naya Rivera’s father. 

McHale played Artie Abrams, a crippled nerdy student who not only led the Glee club with his beautiful baritone voice but was a talented film producer.

Chord Overstreet Slams The Docuseries

Chord Overstreet called out The Price of Glee for being “bulls-it” in an interview on Elvis Duran Show. 

“I don’t think anybody really knows anything about it. I think it’s just like a tabloid thing trying to sell and to get people to watch something,” he said. 

He also added that the Glee alum is close, like family, and that nobody knows anything about the show. Overstreet is known for his role as Sam Evans, the blonde quarterback with an amazing tenor voice, who joined Glee in its second season. 

He recently starred alongside Lindsay Lohan in her comeback film, the Christmas flick Falling for Christmas.

Jenna Ushkowitz Expresses That ‘Glee’ Casts Personal Experiences Are More Important Than the Documentary

In her interview with BuzzFeed, Jenna Ushkowitz voiced that she focuses on the good moments and the joy that Glee brought to her and other Glee stars as well as viewers around the world. 

She also touched on the podcast she launched, together with her co-star McHale, And That's What You REALLY Missed, describing that their podcast feels more important than the discovery+ documentary series because the cast members know what truly happened. 

“For me, it feels more pertinent to be the ones to share our experiences because people are sharing experiences that they didn’t have.”    

Ushkowitz is known for playing Tina Cohen-Chang, a slightly disillusioned Asian student with bold fashion statements and strong vocals.

Chris Colfer Has No Interest in Revisiting Bad Experiences

Chris Colfer, who established a successful career as a book author since the end of Glee, spoke out about his disinterest in rehashing unpleasant moments.

In his interview with KTLA5 Morning News, he said, 'There is a lot about my time on Glee that I would love to discuss in detail. Not just about the drama everyone knows about, but also my time on the show and what it was like to be an out teenager in this industry back then.'

When asked about writing about Glee, Colfer responded, 'My books are doing so well and I'm making so many families happy right now. So why go back and relive some painful memories?'

Colfer is recognized for playing Kurt Hummel, an out gay student with flamboyant wardrobe choices and a high vocal range that beat many girls in the Glee club. Kurt was the stepbrother of Monteith's character Finn Hudson.

Becca Tobin Says She Was Contacted for A Tell-All

In an interview with Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino, in August this year, Becca Tobin said that she was contacted for a tell-all for The Price of Glee

'It doesn't matter what happened on that set. At the end of the day, it's a family. It's like a big dysfunctional family, and there is loyalty there. I don't care how much I hated this person at work. There's something that runs so deep in my blood that I could hate so much, but I don't hate you enough. I don't hate us enough to do that,' she added. 

Tobin played the mean-spirited Kitty Wilde, a cheerleader who joined Glee in its fourth season.