Journey to the Ancient City of Teos: A Comprehensive Guide from Settlement to History

Journey to the Ancient City of Teos: A Comprehensive Guide from Settlement to History

İrem Uğur
March 17 2023 - 02:47pm

Teos Ancient City is located in Sığacık Neighborhood of Seferihisar district of Izmir. Teos Ancient City, a unique port city, is located about 60 kilometers southwest of Izmir. This is a unique spot with its history and culture. Founded and developed on a small peninsula called Isthmos, Teos Ancient City draws attention with its Hellenistic and Roman ruins, ruins such as the Temple of Dionysus, Agora, Theater, Odeaon, Walls and Teos Ancient Harbor. Offering a unique history to its visitors, this city reflects the traces of the past in the best way.

In this content, you can find curious information about Teos Ancient City.

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History of Teos Ancient City

History of Teos Ancient City

Teos Ancient City is among the ancient cities that have found an important place in the international archaeology literature. The ancient city of Teos, whose founder is accepted as Athames, the son of Dioysos, has an important place in architecture and trade. Teos, which once housed artists who were expelled from the Ionian city due to their unrest, was recognized as a city where the Artists' Union was established for the first time in history.

In the ancient city of Teos, which remained as a city of art for many years, important people such as Anakreon, Antimakhos, Epicurus, Nausiphanes, Apellikon and historian Hekataios lived. In the light of the information obtained here and the archaeological studies carried out, it is known that the first city settlement points to very early periods. Due to its geographical location, Teos was a city where commercial relations gained importance. The history of Teos can be traced back to ancient Egypt.

There are two important views on the foundation of this place. The first one is that it was founded by Cretans fleeing from the Achaeans. The second opinion is that there was a settlement in the city since the Protogeometric Period. This view became clearer with the excavations carried out between 1962 and 1967.

The expeditions in the Ancient City of Teos date back to ancient times. R. Chandler first examined this place on behalf of the Dilletanti Society. R. Chandler, who examined the Temple of Dionysus here between 1764-1765, brought his work to the world of science with his 2 works. In 1837, W. Hamilton, who visited the site, also published his studies in a book. Hamilton's studies were mainly on the geology and topography of the site.

Where is Teos Ancient City? How to go there?

Where is Teos Ancient City? How to go there?

Teos Ancient City is located in Sığacık Neighborhood of Seferihisar district of Izmir. This ancient city, which is located in the west of ancient Ionia, is approximately 60 kilometers southwest of Izmir.

Teos Ancient City is quite easily accessible as it is by the sea and within walking distance to Sığacık. You can easily come to this city, which is 8 km from Seferihisar, 70 km from Çeşme, 65 km from Alaçatı and 25 km from Urla, from various parts of Izmir.

Teos Ancient City entrance fee is currently 20 TL. (2023)

Opening and closing time information is as follows:

  • Opening Time: 08:30

  • Closing Time: 17:30

  • Box Office Closing Time: 17:00

Ruins in Teos Ancient City

Ruins in Teos Ancient City

Teos Ancient City is a place where different structures coexist. It is necessary to spend an average of 2-3 hours to visit this place. When you come here, you can see information boards about the ruins you can see. There is also a model of Teos.

Information about the structures you can see when you come here are:

Temple of Dionysus

This temple was built in the name of the most important god of the city. Dionysos, one of the most intact structures of Teos, was built in the 2nd century BC. The Temple of Dionysus, which is in the temple type surrounded by a single row of columns, i.e. Peripteros plan, was built by Hermogenes. Hermogenes was one of the most famous architects of the period.

The Temple of Dionysus, one of the largest temples dedicated to Dionysus in Anatolia, is the most important building in the research history of Teos.

Parliament Building

The Parliament Building or Bouleterion, the most solid structure of the Ancient City of Teos, was built in the Roman period in the 1st century AD. This is where the parliament met and decisions were taken. The Parliament Building, which is in extremely good condition, consists of 16 seating rows.

Right next to this area, which has been improved in the light of recent studies, is the Agora, but today there is not much left of the Agora.

Teos Theater

Being built in the 2nd century BC, the theater is not very strong as a structure. Teos Theater, which is oriented towards the sea, is a typical Hellenic theater. Its capacity is around 6500-7000 people. During the excavations carried out here in 1963, an inscription was found and this inscription provides important findings about the history of the city.

South Harbor

The Ancient City of Teos was an important port city and had 2 harbors, the South Harbor and the North Harbor. Although there are no remains of the North Harbor, the South Harbor is considered one of the best preserved harbors in Anatolia.

Research shows that approximately 50 ships could be tied to the pier in this harbor during the period.

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