Who is Jason Bateman’s wife, Amanda Anka?

Who is Jason Bateman’s wife, Amanda Anka?

Naveed Sloan
February 06 2022 - 03:31pm

American actor, producer, and director Jason Bateman is most famous for his role in Arrested Development in 2003 and for a quite older show in 1986, Valerie. And while Jason Bateman has already tried his hand in different roles in the entertainment industry— being an actor, a producer, and a director— there are still some things that we should know about him.

  • Jason Bateman’s father-in-law is Canadian actor and musician, Paul Anka.

  • Bateman dated Amanda Anka for two years before getting married.

  • The couple has two children.

Bateman started his career when he played the role of James Cooper in the 1980 television series The Little House on the Prairie. He also earned a “teen-idol” status in the mid-1980s when he starred in The Hogan Family as David Hogan. He also won a Golden Globe award for his role in Arrested Development.

Basically, Jason’s career is pretty much set ever since he started acting so it’s safe to say that he is lucky— not only in his acting career but also in his relationships.

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Friends to lovers in one decade

Jason Bateman met Amanda Anka in 1987 at a Los Angeles Kings hockey game. They were still teenagers at the time so it is quite obvious why romance was out of the book then. They did, however, become friends.

The two just started seeing each other in 1999 and after two years of dating they finally tied the knot in 2001.

But who exactly is Amanda Anka and why does her name sound familiar?

Amanda’s early life and career

Amanda Anka is the child of famous Canadian artist, singer, and songwriter, Paul Anka, and model, Anne de Zogheb. She was born on December 10, 1968 in New York City. Amanda has four sisters: Amelia, Anthea, Alicia, and Alexandra.

She rose to popularity when she played the role of a vampire in Buffy the Vampire Slayer in 1992. She has also been credited for various TV shows like Beverly Hills, 90210, The Batman, Bones, The Fosters, and The Greatest Event in Television History. At present, Amanda is a co-producer for Apple TV+’s The Morning Show.

Amanda as a mother and a supportive wife

While Amanda is keeping herself busy behind the spotlight as a producer, she still has time to take care of her family. She and Jason have two daughters, Francesca Nora who was born in 2006 and Maple Sylvie who was born in 2012.

Amanda often joins Jason in public events as well. In 2017, Amanda, Francesca, and Maple joined Jason when he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Jason also supported Amanda in her own battles in 2014 when she accused André Balazs, a hotelier, of groping her during a party for Horrible Bosses 2, a movie where Jason starred.

Amanda is basically living a good life with her husband and children. Jason really makes sure to give a shoutout to them every time he has the chance, ultimately proving that his undying affection for Amanda and his daughters remain unmatched.

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