It’s all about Food, Business, and Family on ‘The Bear’ Season One

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FX works overtime to ensure its fans receive great films constantly. The cable network has unveiled a trailer for the highly expected comedy film, The Bear, a 30-minute comedy series by Christopher Storer of Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King. 

The film’s trailer, released not long ago, has already gained over 450 thousand views- a clear piece of evidence that the piece is good.

'The Bear' Synopsis

This series focuses on Carmen Berzatto (Carmy), a young talented chef who moves to Chicago to manage his family sandwich enterprise, The Original Beef of Chicagoland, after a painful demise in his family. 

Being in a new environment, Carmen is forced to balance his weary familial connections, his strong-willed and unmanageable staff, and the distressing realities of small business management while battling the effect of his brother’s suicide. 

The trailer glimpse Carmen’s battles as he strives to transform the shop into a reputable business. The Bear generally centres on food, business, family and the struggles of managing a small enterprise.

Cast and Crew

The series stars Jeremy A. White of Shameless, portraying Carmen Berzatto, Abby Elliott of Indebted, Edwin L. Gibson, Liza C-Zayas, Matty Matheson, Lionel Boyce, Ebon M-Bachrach, and Ayo Edebiri. 

Christopher Storer chiefly produces the film with Joanna Calo, Hiro Murai, Josh Senior, and Nate Matteson.

'The Bear' Premiere Date

Hulu has taken it to its primary Twitter account to share the premiere news alongside a 1-minutes, 31- seconds video clip regarding the show. 

The Bear launches on Thursday, June 23rd, via Hulu. Stay connected!

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