It’s Time to Go Mysterious with Prime Video’s ‘Three Pines’ Season One

It’s Time to Go Mysterious with Prime Video’s ‘Three Pines’ Season One

Vivian Mwikali
November 28 2022 - 09:32pm

Prime Video has been working tirelessly to deliver the best shows, especially mystery, detective, and crime dramas. The streamer recently added Three Pines, an adaptation of Louise Penny’s book series, Chief Inspector Gamache. 

Three Pines joins other Prime Video crime drama shows such as Outer Range, The Outlaws, The Terminal List, Sprung, and Reacher, among others.

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What’s ‘Three Pines’ Season One About?

Three Pines is a Canada-originated film focusing on Armand Gamache, a Chief Inspector, as he investigates long-buried secrets and cases of the Three Pines village while fighting his own problems. 

Gamache develops a habit of seeing what others cannot see, a gift that enables him to tackle long-lived cases single-handedly. The Three Pines village is the most welcoming and happy town in the world, as described by the civilians, but Inspector Gamache discovers it’s filled with deep secrets.

Is There a Trailer for ‘Three Pines’ Season One?

Yes. Prime Video released the official trailer for Three Pines season one approximately four weeks ago. The trailer kicks off with a glimpse of Inspector Gamache on duty. 

From investigating mysterious deaths, and bad energies to more deaths and a deep search for the truth- Three Pines has a lot in store for the fans.

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Who Produces ‘Three Pines’?

Three Pines is produced by John Griffin, alongside chief producers Alfred Molina, Emilia di Girolamo, Sam Donovan, John Phillips, Sharon Hughff, and Andy Harries. 

The series is a co-project of Sony Pictures Television, Amazon Studios, Muse Entertainment, and Left Bank Pictures.

Who is in the ‘Three Pines’ Cast List?

John Griffin’s Three Pines boasts many talented actors, including Alfred Molina playing Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, Rossif Sutherland as Jean-Guy Beauvior, Anna Tierney acting Clara Morrow, Sarah Booth portraying Yvette Nichol, Clare Coulter impersonating Ruth Zardo, and Tantoo Cardinal depicting Bea Mayer. 

Robert Battaglia, Julian Bailey as Peter Morrow, and Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers playing Isabelle Lacoste also appear in the show.

When is ‘Three Pines’ Season One Launching?

The first season of Three Pines launches on Friday, December 2nd, with eight one-hour episodes. Amazon serves as the show’s distributor, availing two premiere episodes on the above date, followed by double weekly releases until December 23rd. 

Amazon Prime Video hasn’t ordered the second season of Three Pines. Maybe the streamer is keeping an eye on how the first season will perform.

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