How To Catch Super Cucumber in Stardew Valley

How To Catch Super Cucumber in Stardew Valley

Ramses Miaco
October 22 2022 - 01:17pm

Stardew Valley has tons of fish species that have various

uses, such as completing recipes and selling. However, not all water-living

creatures have the same difficulty finding and catching. One of the rarest fish

in the game is the Super Cucumber, and as expected, it is also one of the

hardest to catch in Stardew Valley. Here is a complete Super Cucumber guide

that will help your playthrough!

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Where Is Super Cucumber in Stardew Valley

Unlike other rare fish in Stardew Valley, the Super Cucumber

can be caught in multiple places: the deep-sea submarine ride at the Night

Market, Pirate Cove, and the Ocean. It can also be dug through garbage cans

during the summer and fall. However, players should follow a strict schedule

when trying to acquire this fish because it only appears between 6:00 pm and

2:00 am.

Also, Super Cucumbers are hard to catch; they behave

erratically when reeled, so getting a high-quality rod will greatly help catch


The Different Uses of Super Cucumber

  • Surprisingly, even though the Super Cucumber is one of the
  • rarest fish to catch in Stardew Valley, it does not have many uses. Here are
  • all the possible ways of using the violet-colored specie:

  • Gifting it to people in Stardew Valley: Like all other items

  • in Stardew Valley, a Super Cucumber can be gifted to anyone.

  • Crafting recipes: Players can create a Maki Roll, Quality

  • Fertilizer, and Sashimi by using a Super Cucumber in the recipe.

  • Used in a tailoring machine: This fish can be used in the

  • spool of the tailoring machine to create a dyeable Tube Top

  • Placed in a fish pond: Super Cucumbers are incredibly

  • profitable when used in a fish pond. It also has a 4-5% chance of producing the
  • ultra-rare Iridium Ore.

  • Finishing quests: Sometimes, a villager will ask for a Super

  • Cucumber in the “Help Wanted” board outside of Pierre’s General Store

  • Acquiring the secret ??HMTGF?? statue: Players can place a

  • Super Cucumber on the brown box in the fenced area near the Blacksmith to
  • receive the secret statue

That ends the Super Cucumber guide in Stardew Valley! Make sure to practice your fishing skills because, as mentioned previously, it is a hard specie to catch. Also, weigh your options and use the rare fish wisely!

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