How Long Can You Survive Without Internet?


Imagine Internet access in the whole world is gone forever. How long would you survive in such a situation? This test is here to answer!

1. How often do you order food online?

I order food online almost every day.
At least once a week.
I don’t if I don’t have to.
Believe or not, I've never ordered online before.

2. Do you buy clothes online?

I buy clothes if I can’t find my size in the store.
If I like something a lot.
I don’t buy clothes without trying them on. I shop from stores.
Half of my clothes are from the Internet. They’re cheaper.

3. How do you spend your holidays?

I don’t go anywhere, I prefer to stay home and watch movies.
I like to travel abroad.
I spend time with my family.
I go to little holiday resorts and relax.

4. Which one is your field of interest?

Literature and old books
Fashion and design
Extreme sports
Creative computer games

5. You get lost while trying to find an address. What would you do first?

I would immediately look at the GPS on my phone.
I would try to find a delivery guy to ask.
I would call someone and give my location and ask for help.
I would ask someone random on the street.

6. Final one: which gift would make you crazy happy?

The latest mobile phone
Fighting lessons from Jean Claude Van Damme for 6 months.
A nice *ss laptop
A luxury all-inclusive 2 week vacation

You can only last 3 hours!

Disconnecting from the Internet means the end of the world to you. You would lose control and feel weak. You would have a heart attack or feel dizzy if the Internet didn’t come back. You cannot live without it. You’re actually not living in this world; you only exist online. If the Internet is gone, you’re gone.

You would live 3 days!

You have a little bit of a survivor personality, so you may spend your time with books and television when the Internet is gone. But in the morning of the third day, you would start feeling anxious without Facebook and Instagram. How are you gonna live in a world that you are not be able to watch the latest episode of your favorite TV show anyway? Screw that!

3 weeks, maybe!

You would hardly survive 3 weeks. You would spend time with your friends, exercise and take long walks. But that emptiness inside you would never leave you alone. You’ll want to upload a photo with your friends but then realize the fact that you don’t have the Internet, and it would be devastating. You’ll realize it wont be that easy to get through it.

3 months!

You can survive 3 months, which means you can last more than that. You’re not addicted to the Internet anyway, so it wont be the end of the world for you. It may be hard at the beginning, feeling the need of it since it was making your life easier. You’ll remain cool, but it doesn’t mean you will survive forever, since we check the nearest hospital online when we’re sick.

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