HBO Max takes us Through the Thick and Thin of the ‘Menudo: Forever Young’ Band

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In the 1980s, no other Latin American band surpassed the Menudo; with the angelic voices and fancy outfits, the crew quickly grew more famous and garnered many loyal young girls. 

Everything seemed to be in the band's favour, from receiving their TV movie to taking over magazines and charts, not knowing someone was secretly preying on them.

What is 'Menudo: Forever Young' About?

Menudo: Forever Young via HBO Max chronicles the dark days the boy crew suffered through. Created in 1977, the initial Menudo lineup comprised a trio of brothers, Ricky, Óscar, and Carlos Meléndez, and another pair of brothers Nefty and Fernando Sallabery. 

It was constantly changing members, a move that would later bring issues in the band. The crew's heyday comprised Ricky Meléndez, Ray Reyes, Charlie Masso, Xavier Serbiá, Miguel Cancel, René Farrait, and Johnny Lozada. Other performers included Draco Rosa and Ricky Martin. 

Issues started in the 1990s when questions regarding the band's manager, Edgardo Diaz, started to surface. Band members and their close ones came forward to declare sexual misconduct between the musicians and the manager- the centre of the HBO Max documentary. 

Intimate interviews with former Menudo members allow the victims to share what happened behind the cameras.

Who Directs 'Menudo: Forever Young'

Soto, Justin Lacob (XTR), Bryn Mooser, Alex Fumero (Trojan Horse), Jeff Plunkett (Muck Media), and Cristina Costantini chiefly produce the show with Rios and Maura Anderson as the co-chief producers. Rios and Soto are the directors.

When Does 'Menudo: Forever Young' Premiere

HBO Max has shared the premiere news on its primary Twitter page alongside a 1-minute, 58- seconds trailer concerning the film. 

Menudo: Forever Young launches on Thursday, June 23rd via HBO Max, some days after launching at the Tribeca Festival, 2022.

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