Gecenin Ucunda (Poison Ivy): A Mesmerizing Turkish Series that Leaves a Lasting Impression

Gecenin Ucunda (Poison Ivy): A Mesmerizing Turkish Series that Leaves a Lasting Impression

İrem Uğur
July 02 2023 - 03:46pm

Get ready to be captivated by Gecenin Ucunda (Poison Ivy), a gripping Turkish series that combines love, betrayal, and suspense. In this article, we delve into the intriguing storyline, unforgettable characters, and the twists that keep viewers hooked. Join us as we explore the thrilling world of Gecenin Ucunda and discover why it has become a must-watch for fans of Turkish dramas.

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Macide, a young and beautiful woman, finds herself at a crossroads in her life. Working at a private company, she has studied psychology but yearns for something more. Her mother's gambling addiction poses challenges, yet Macide perseveres in maintaining a loving relationship with her. Feeling unfulfilled in her job, Macide gathers the courage to embark on a life-changing journey.

Driven by her desire to become a healer like her father, Macide takes a leap of faith. She resigns from her job and sets off for Istanbul to attend a training course in healing. Fueled by a deep sense of purpose, she seeks to discover whether she possesses the power to heal others and herself.

n Istanbul, fate intervenes as Macide's path crosses with Ahmet Isik, a young man from a wealthy family. Ahmet is instantly smitten by Macide, and despite her attempts to keep her distance, his unwavering pursuit proves challenging to resist. Meanwhile, another encounter unexpectedly draws Macide towards Ahmet's older brother, Kazim Isik, a successful and betrayed businessman. Kazim, mesmerized by Macide's purity and vibrant energy, grapples with the desire to shield her from the complexities of his family.

As Macide strives to focus on her healing course, she becomes entangled with the Isik family against her wishes. Though she tries to stay away, circumstances bring her closer to Kazim. This unexplained attraction ignites questions about their connection and what lies ahead for them.

Amidst the tapestry of 'Gecenin Ucunda' (Poison Ivy) TV series, Macide embarks on a journey to fulfill her destiny as a healer. Will she succeed in keeping her distance from the Isik family? Can Kazim, haunted by betrayal, protect her from the perils of wealth? Will Macide's innocence and purity endure the trials she encounters in the vibrant city of Istanbul? Prepare to be enthralled by this captivating story as it unfolds, intertwining destiny, love, and the struggle to preserve one's true self.

The Cast

The Cast
  • Neslihan Atagul as Macide

  • Kadir Dogulu as Kazim Isik

  • Tuba Unsal as Nermin Isik

  • Sarp Levendoglu as Ahmet Isik

  • Zuhal Olcay as Berrin Isik Kanbey

  • Ozge Ozder as Sara Kohen

  • Bertan Asllani as Cihangir Isik

  • Kaan Tasaner as Mert Ondes

  • Bestemsu Ozdemir as Serra Pekdemir

  • Levent Ozdilek as Tunc Kanbey

  • Ebru Aykac as Sermin

  • Sencan Guleryuz as Zafer Pekdemir

  • Aysun Metiner as Ferah

  • Gonca Yakut as Nil

  • Aleyna Ozgecen as Yasemin Kanbey

  • Kerim Ilhan as Can Pekdemir

  • Hazal Senel as Simin Tezer

  • Seyda Bayram as Handan

  • Cem Avnayim as Selim

  • Tugay Bahsi as Koko

Here's the promo of the series with English Subtitles!

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