French Montana Celebrates 38th Birthday with Exotic Gift

French Montana Celebrates 38th Birthday with Exotic Gift

Jack J
November 11 2022 - 09:33pm

Rapper French Montana recently celebrated his 38th birthday in style with a party at his Hidden Hills mansion in Santa Monica, California.

A number of rich and famous guests were in attendance at the celebration, including Soulja Boy, Jamie Foxx, Vin Diesel ,Nelly and Swizz Beats.

French was on the receiving end of a several glamorous gifts from his guests but a gift from Swizz Beats perhaps outdid everyone else.

Montana, who had a hit song with 'Unforgettable' featuring Swae Lee of Rae Sremmurd in 2017, received the present of a camel from Swizz Beats.

The gift may have been a more than appropriate gift for the proudly Moroccan born rapper, who took to social media to announce his pleasure with the gift.

“Shout my n* Swizz,' he said in a video shared to his Instagram story, 'He got me a camel for my birthday.'

'What if it spits?,” he joked.

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The rapper, who's real name is Karim Kharbouch, is in luck with his gift as, according to the UK's Daily Mail newspaper, though the animals are listed as 'exotic,' they are legal to own.

'They are on the list of legal exotic animals one can own in California, though it is recommended that they have around one or more acres to roam,' the paper says.

Images of the party that arose online also showed belly dancers performing at the party, one of which was complete with a white python draped around her shoulders. 

Montana recently announced that he would be releasing another 'Coke boys,' album, titled 'Coke Boys 6: Money Heist Edition.'

A visualizer of the upcoming project shared on social media features French and his crew in what is almost like a movie trailer, backed by the lyrics of Montana.

The post was captioned with the words ' “It’s lonely at the top if you don’t bring your folks with u.' 

'Coke Boys 6 mixtape 12/9,” it adds in anticipation of its December release date.

This year the rapper's 2017 hit,'Unforgettable,' referenced above was awarded diamond status from the Recording industry Association of America due to its success in sales.

French Montana has also received plaudits for recent efforts in aid of charity in Africa.

The Bronx raised star helped raise over $226 million for healthcare services in Uganda while he also supported the building of a health center in the Budondo area for new and expecting mothers.

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