FBI Statistics Show Which Horoscopes Are More Inclined To Murder!!!

FBI Statistics Show Which Horoscopes Are More Inclined To Murder!!!

Celeste Ora
September 08 2016 - 10:58pm

There are many stereotypes about the definitive features of zodiac signs. 'Virgos don't forgive quickly,' 'Leos don't look back' or 'Capricorns crush others' and so on...

This time it's different. There are official statistics about the subject. The FBI recently published a report on the relationship between birth dates and star signs of famous serial killers. The results are quite interesting!

Let's see which zodiac signs are real psychopaths!

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1. Although Geminis are known to be unstable, they are the least dangerous star sign out there!

Gemini people are least likely to be serial killers. Probably, they don't care enough to hurt or kill anybody.

They might choose to torture their victims with their never ending chatter. Clever, isn't it?

2. Aquarius comes in second on the innocent list!

The reason behind this might either be that Aquarius people care about justice or their egos are fragile. The reason is uncertain, however what is certain here is that Aquarius people don't use violence so often.

Maybe they're incredibly good at hiding their murders, who knows!

3. Aquarius people are followed by Leos!

It is stated that murderers with the Leo star sign kill their victims in order to attract attention.

Maybe, they should choose a more harmless way next time.

4. How well do you know Libras?

Fair, nice, patient... Well, think again. Libras have a tendency to be serial killers even more than Leos and Aquarius'!

Patience has its limits! We believe that they lose their minds over the rude behavior of others.

5. Virgo, your average psychopath!

It should be noted that Virgos prefer theft and fraud more than murder.

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6. You thought Pisces people were emotional furballs?! Wrong!

John Wayne Gacy, aka the Killer Clown, and Aileen Wuornos are some of the serial killers with the star sign Pisces. Pisces people are known to have a tendency towards addiction, therefore they commit extraordinary murders.

When we think about how sensitive they are, it is weird that Pisces are the 7th dangerous star sign out there!

7. Though there are only a few Capricorn serial killers, the record for killing the most people still belongs to a Capricorn.

Capricorns are known for their respect for the law and rules. However, statistics indicate that there might be some exceptions.

Our advice: Do not piss a Capricorn off!

8. We're not surprised about the Aries!

Aries people are known to easily lose their tempers. This is the reason why they hold the 5th position on the list of most dangerous zodiac signs. If you made an Aries angry, stay away from them! They are likely to forget about their anger in time.

9. Taurus fellows can easily lose their temper, that's for sure. However, they have a tendency to perform financial fraud rather than murder.

Taurus people love luxury and enjoy living a better life! Can you blame them?

10. Prepare yourself for the most dangerous zodiac signs! Sagittarius holds the 3rd place with its destructive anger!

Their murders are not your ordinary murders! Examples include: Ted Bundy, Pablo Escobar, Stalin... All Sagittarius!

Major crimes, serial murders...

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11. An official psychopath: Scorpio is the second most dangerous star sign.

Many serial killers are known to be born in November. It is stated that Scorpios commit more sadistic murders.

Scorpios are dangerous, and you have all the right to fear them!

12. Surprisingly, Cancer comes in first as the most dangerous zodiac sign!

It is stated that Cancer people are known to commit murders due to envy and jealousy. Probably, their moody behavior causes this anger.

We wish all the zodiac signs to live a happy and healthy life!

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