Essential Details About Disney Plus' ‘Shipwreck Hunters Australia’

Essential Details About Disney Plus' ‘Shipwreck Hunters Australia’

Vivian Mwikali
September 27 2022 - 09:16pm

Disney Plus has been one of the streaming platforms working overtime to keep its viewers glued to their couches. 

The streamer recently revealed a new Australian-based show, Shipwreck Hunters Australia, a documentary scheduled to launch in early October.

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‘Shipwreck Hunters Australia’ Synopsis

The six-episode series centers on a group of courageous sea explorers sailing through the world's largest oceans to bring captivating and never-seen-before scenes to their audience. 

Underwater filming has been improved thanks to advancing technology, so you can guess how much fun to expect from the Australian crew. 

Disney Plus' 1-minute and 29-seconds trailer kicks off with the magnificent ocean creatures and a glimpse of the strong team deep into the waters. 

Shipwreck Hunters Australia meets all you could expect from a fashionable adventure show, from high-speed boats and water moments to diving schemes. 

The trailer finalizes with discoveries of more than 1600 shipwrecks hidden on the Australian coast, uncovering past treasures, and more heart-pounding scenes- a must-watch.

Who Produces ‘Shipwreck Hunters Australia’

The series is chiefly produced by Steve Bibb, alongside Katherine Barrett and Brendan Hutches as the producers. Shipwreck Hunters Australia is a Terra Australis Productions, VAM Media, and Barking Mad Productions co-project with Hutches as the director. 

The courageous team of divers and underwater filmmakers comprises Andr Rerekura, Cpt. Ash Sutton, Ryan Chatfield, Johnny Debman, and Nush Freedman. Other experts include Dr Deb Shefi and Dr Ross Anderson. 

The show creators couldn't keep calm about the upcoming piece as many shared their excitement through statements. 

Steve Bibb said, 'When I first interacted with the squad, I felt their passion towards the oceans and knew they have great actions for the world. We are delighted to show you what the crew has in store, and I'm certain they will hit the news around the globe.'

Brendan Hutches added, 'Bringing Shipwreck Hunters Australia into existence alongside Disney+ has been the best partnership. The amazing shipwreck stories, heart-warming ocean destinations, and the bold team of divers make one excellent show. I'm thrilled to be part of the adventure and the crew's discoveries.'

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Release Date

Shipwreck Hunters Australia arrives on our screens on Wednesday, October 5th, exclusively on Disney Plus-mark the calendar. 

Disney Plus charges $7.99 (monthly) or $79.99 annually for unlimited access to new and existing films. 

Fans can get the trailer for the upcoming series via the streamer's main YouTube Channel as they wait.

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