Elden Ring: How To Defeat The Elden Beast

Elden Ring: How To Defeat The Elden Beast

Zian A.
April 19 2022 - 06:22pm
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The Elden Beast is the main story's final boss in Elden Ring. It is a massive worm-like sea monster that emerges from the ground after Radagon of the Golden Order is defeated. The Elden Beast is the real form of Elden Ring, showing a galaxy-like appearance and wielding a massive blade capable of mass destruction. Players should already expect that facing off against the colossal creature will be no walk in the park, even if the worn equipment is of high tier.

Here is a guide to efficiently defeat the Elden Beast.

Elden Beast: Health and Damage

First of all, the Elden Beast has an insane amount of health, so players should be fully prepared right after finishing off Radagon of the Golden Order. Since the Elden Beast’s health is enormous, players will have to be patient when chipping away at it. 

The Elden Beast hits in a very slow motion which you can take advantage of. Be cautious as even if it moves slowly, it will surely hit you hard. The Elden Beast deals holy damage so be sure to equip items that have holy damage resistance. Also, avoid using holy damage as it will just heal the creature, instead switch to another weapon.

The Elden Beast is also immune to all status effects. This includes Poison, Sleep, Frostbite, Madness, Scarlet Rot, Blood, and Death Blight. Players will be forced to fight the boss with normal physical and magical damage only.

Elden Beast: Attack Patterns

The Elden Beast's attack pattern is very unorthodox, making its attacks extremely difficult to counter and dodge. Unfortunately, there is no 'cheesy' strategy to taking down the Elden Beast. However, there is a bug that immobilizes the Elden Beast for a few seconds, allowing players to land a hit, but there is no way to activate the bug at will.

The Elden Beast's first attack will always be a yellow flame breath attack. The attack is simple to avoid, and the beast is temporarily immobilized while spewing flames. Players can take advantage of this by landing a few consecutive hits while it is busy with its attack.

The following attack will almost certainly be a massive sword attack in which it swings the sword with full force directly to the ground. When it draws its sword back from the ground, it unleashes a massive blast that deals massive damage to anyone who enters its radius. Players can avoid the sword by dodging it before it hits the ground, then hitting the beast a few times before maneuvering behind it to avoid the explosion.

Players must be wary of the beast's magical grab attack, which snatches them and attempts to burst out spikes to injure them. The range of the grab attack is quite long, so players must keep an eye out for when the beast's glow indicates that it will grab them. In addition, while performing the grab attack, the boss will swing its sword.

The boss only has one weakness: its lower torso. Melee players should concentrate on hitting the golden area on its torso to deal the most damage possible, whereas Mage players should stay away and use long-range spells to hit the golden area.

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Recommended Level

The Elden Beast is the grand finale of Elden Ring, so you should be at a high level already before deciding to fight it.The recommended level for fighting the Elden Beast is Level 120 and up. Be warned, fighting the Elden Beast will still be very difficult regardless if you have a very high level. Players are recommended to stack up points for Vigor as the boss will most probably deal moves that are an instant kill.

Summons as Distractions

In most cases, players do not consider utilizing summons in boss fights. Actually, they're quite useful since summons like the Spirit Ash work well as distractions for the boss. Instead of focusing on the players, the boss will be busy dealing with the summons. Recommended summons for the Elden Beast fight are the Spirit Ash, Ancestral Follower, and the Mimic Tear.

This is all you need to know to defeat the Elden Beast. Players will simply need to follow the strategies provided and memorize the attack patterns in order to defeat the boss more easily.

After defeating the Elden Beast, it will drop the Elden Remembrance and award players between 500,000 and 1,000,000 Runes. Following that, the Tarnished will be crowned the game's new Elden Lord.

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