Drake Net Worth: A Look at the Rapper-Singer’s Wealth

> Drake Net Worth: A Look at the Rapper-Singer’s Wealth

When we hear the name “Drake”, there is no denying that only one person comes to mind and that is, of course, the Canadian songwriter, rapper, singer, and actor Drake. He has been in the industry for more than two decades now so there is no denying that Drake has surely built an empire of his own. Let us explore Drake’s personal life, career, and how he built his net worth in his different ventures

  • Drake is a Canadian songwriter, rapper, singer, and actor.

  • He starred in Degrassi: The Next Generation before being a music artist.

  • “Best I Ever Had” is one of Drake’s most famous songs.

  • Drake’s net worth was built for more than two decades.

Life before entertainment

Aubrey Drake Graham or now more commonly known as “Drake” was born on October 24, 1986 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Since he was young, he already had his own influences in music through his father, Dennis Graham, who plays the drums and performs alongside a country musician. On the other hand, Drake’s mother, Sandra Graham, is an English teacher and florist.

His Beginnings in the Entertainment Industry

When Drake was 15 years old, he landed a role in the Canadian teen drama series Degrassi: The Next Generation, but later disliked the character as he was the only person of color to star in the series. However, he did appear in the show for a total of 100 episodes from 2001 to 2008.

The creators of the show said that Drake often showed up late on set because he stayed up late in recording studios since he was so into his music. To solve this, he struck an agreement with the show’s set security guards so that he could have access to the area and sleep in a dressing room.

Music and Present Releases

During his acting career, Drake did not forget about his music. In 2006, he released his debut mixtape, Room For Improvement but only got massive success in 2009 during his third mixtape So Far Gone. His singles “Successful” and “Best I Ever Had” found mainstream success, with the latter entering the Billboard Hot 100.

Since Drake’s success in the music industry in 2009, he steadily climbed the ladder to fame. Now, more than two decades later, Drake scores multimillion dollar record deals and collaborations. His most recent one “Give It Up” which was released in 2021 added to the 8.6 billion streams in that same year. He also had recent collaborations and featured projects with Gunna's DS4Ever and DJ Khaled in 2022.

Endorsements Business Ventures

Since Drake has already found his success in music, it is no surprise that he has received endorsement offers and also has other ventures and explored the world of business. Drake has endorsements with Sprite, Burger King, and Whataburger.

In 2012, he also started his own record label, OVO Sound. Aside from this, he also has a $19 million contract with Apple Music along with other investments in 100 Thieves, DreamCrew, Virginia Black Whiskey, Nike, and Playboy.

Drake’s Net Worth

There is no denying that Drake is already one of the highest-paid musicians in the industry, with multiple features and collaborations among other artists. To add to that, he has also ranked multiple times in Forbes’ lists for having successfully maintained both his popularity and his fortune. With this, it is no surprise to know that Drake’s net worth is at an estimated $250 million!

Surely, Drake will continue to make catchy tunes to make us stay hooked. Let us just hope that we get to see more of his success as he makes his career cemented in the music scene.