Who is Don Lemon’s fiancé, Tim Malone?

Who is Don Lemon’s fiancé, Tim Malone?

Naveed Sloan
February 06 2022 - 03:35pm

When you first hear the name Don Lemon, you might think that it may sound childish and it might actually be a stage name. But did you know that that is the real name of CNN anchor and host Don Lemon? Here are a few more things that you should know about him:

  • Don Lemon’s real name really is Don Lemon.

  • His surname comes from his mother’s then-husband.

  • Don only knew his real father when he was already five years old.

  • He has been engaged for three years!

  • Don Lemon and Tim Malone have an 18-year age gap.

Don Lemon is known for being an established media personality, delivering news and current events to millions of homes every night. He finished his studies in broadcast journalism in Brooklyn College in 1996 and slowly worked his way up as a prominent news anchor and television host. He first worked for NBC and soon joined CNN. He became well-known for being the presenter of CNN Tonight and later on hosted his own show Don Lemon Tonight.

And while 55-year-old Lemon has already built a great name for himself, he also shares the same success with his 37-year-old fiancé, Tim Malone.

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Tim Malone’s beginnings

We already know that Lemon is a familiar face for every household, but who exactly is Tim Malone?

Tim Malone was born and raised in Water Mill, New York on April 6, 1984. He has a degree in history and journalism from Boston College. Right after graduation, he worked for NBC and NBC Universal. He made sure to use his broad knowledge as he continued his career in the sales arm of the network, USA and SyFy. He also worked as Billboard’s Director and soon as the Executive Director of Brand Partnerships. He then had a brief role as Jukin Media’s Executive Director in 2017.

We can basically say that Malone was in a very similar field as that of Lemon’s.

From media to real estate

In 2018, Malone decided to make a huge shift in his career when he became a real estate agent in one of New York City’s high-end real estate companies, Corcoran Group. It is safe to assume that his background in journalism and sales absolutely helped him in his present-day career.

Lemon and Malone’s relationship

Don and Tim first met in New York and revealed their relationship to the public in 2017. Two years later, they got engaged in 2019. It has been three years since the couple got engaged but we don’t have any clear direction when they will actually tie the knot.

But maybe that’s the least of our worries since the couple often updates the public of their relationship, along with cute photos of their dogs, Barkley and Boomer. That has been a standard since their relationship went public.

It is inspiring to see a power couple achieve the heights of their respective careers, but is another to see them also achieve a very fruitful relationship.

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